November-December Holiday Event Info

Tweet   November-December Holiday Events in San Diego   November 11th-San Diego Zoo Jungle Bells check website for further info: Share on Facebook

11/11/11 Cameron Remmer still Missing

Tweet 11/11/11 My son Cameron Remmer is still missing and this will be my last post about my son until he is found. He is the last thing I think of at night and the first thing I think of when I wake each morning. We have had only some phony emails from someone that […]

Grandparents Info on Safely Installing Child/Baby seats in your car

Tweet 1.¬† I like the Britax car seat in this picture. One of the scariest things for me in the beginning was the first time I had to drive my grandchild in my car. The following site has some great info on how to properly install car seats¬† for various ages But the best […]

Rainy Day Activities to do with your Grandchildren

Tweet Now the rainy days are starting in San Diego and Orange County it is time to come up with fun activities to keep the Grandkids from fighting and getting into everything. Here are a few fun things you can do with things you have around the house. Share on Facebook

Soccer Season Winds Down–Grandparents Rain or Shine

Tweet Well Soccer Season is winding down. I have two players in Aurora and two players in Encinitas. Three girl soccer players and one grandson. This wet weekend in San Diego and especially muddy fields in Encinitas seemed like there may not be a 9am game. Of course they did have it and we missed […]

Nov. 4th Update on Cameron Remmer Missing since Oct. 6th in SFO

Tweet Here is the recent article explaining the wrong identificaiton of Cameron Remmer, my son: Note that the Salvation Army is now involved and searching for Cameron Remmer, 29 (Bipolar and not on his meds) as well as the Masonic Lodges of San Francisco. We have still no new news on Cameron. The boy […]

November 1 Update on Cameron Remmer Still Missing in SFO

Tweet Our family was crushed with last night’s call from the ER Dr. in San Francisco that it was not Cameron Remmer afterall. My husband talked with the missing persons SFO police division and was told that Detective Carroll went to the hospital this morning to confirm that it was not Cameron. Last night I […]

Cameron Remmer Still lost-Person found Dr. Confirmed Misidentified

Tweet Halloween and we went to my daughters and all the kids were happy because Cameron had been found. (Cameron Remmer, Bipolar missing since Oct. 6th in SFO). The neighbors came over with their kids and it seemed that we were so relieved. I let my neighbors know after much crying that I had done […]