New Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe in Encinitas–YEAH!!

Tweet   Just tried 2 Good 2B go to yelp at or to learn about their menu and hours of operation but they now have a Gluten/Corn/Soy free menu along with other food allergy free foods.  I guess some good deeds do go unpunished. My husband and I were checking our Cardiff Reef Surf […]

Alzheimer’s A Grandparents Biggest Fear

Tweet So many children and so little time for them to get to know me. I come from the maternal side of my family where everyone, my mother, Grandmother, Aunt all had and died from Alzheimer’s. At 64, I am now at an age when my Mother was in full onset Alzheimer’s. My Mother’s disease […]

Emergency Trip to Care For the Twins-What not to do

Tweet When your children have a medical emergency and you are called to come over ASAP here is what might help you so you don’t experience the comedy of errors I did. I got the call to come over right away and relieve the babysitter and that my daughter’s surgery did not go well and […]

A Visit to San Diego Botanic Gardens Encinitas-Kid’s Fun

Tweet Take your Grandchildren on a visit of the San Diego Botanic Gardens in Encinitas (formerly Quail Gardens) and let me share my adventure. It is a bit hard to see the map but imagine that at the very top of the map at Toni’s Tree house I am there with my son and his […]

There is No Such Thing as Minor Surgery-Speak Up for Help

Tweet This past December 2011 my neighbor went in for back surgery that was to have her home in three days–19 + days later she is now home and still recovering. Her surgery complications caused her to require 6 pints of blood and three additional surgeries. Her surgery did not qualify as a “minor” surgery […]