Cameron Wm. Remmer Missing One Year on Oct. 6,2012

Tweet My son Cameron William Remmer is still a missing person and no one amongst his friends or family have heard from him.  A new detective recently was assigned to his case and spoke to us last week asking me if I had a “recent” photo of him. OK detective not a good impression. The […]

Sonabai-Isolated for 15 Years turned into India’s greatest art Treasure

Tweet When Sonabai was just a young girl in India she was married off to an older man who virtually used her as his families servant who abused and mistreated her. For several years of that marriage she was kept inside the family compound and eventually she was taken by her husband to a very […]

Carlsbad Art Splash Today through 9/23-10 rocks to find for prizes

Tweet Artists will be showing their work today, Friday from 10am to 8pm at downtown Carlsbad with a community chalk art festival on Armada Drive. This is the tenth annual art walk and there will be ten decorated rocks on a treasure hunt around the displays to win a 15″ x 15″ Marilyn Monroe lithograph.  […]

Alzheimers-Your Chances? Your Childrens? Your Grand children? My Missing Son Cameron Remmer

Tweet Alzheimer’s has taken a large toll on our parents and grand parents. My mother had early on set when she was about 58. Our grand mother got Alzheimers in her early 60’s and her husband, our grand father had it not too long after she did. My sister and I are half sisters so […]

September 9th is Grandparents Day

Tweet Tomorrow, Sunday, September 9th  is Grandparents Day. A fairly recently added holiday celebrating all of us that are lucky enough to have a “second chance” with the children of our offspring that turned out to be better parents than we were. At least that is true for most of us. My children have taught me […]

The Encinitas Horse Sculpture by Alexandre “Sasha” Safonov

Tweet     Many people drive along Encinitas Blvd. heading East from I-5 and see off to the left on the corner of the former Sunshine Gardens site a large horse carved on the site in the back by Sasha Safonov. The following is some info from Sasha’s site: “Alexandre “Sasha” Safonov discovered the Phoenix […]

Shakespeare in Encinitas

Tweet The Performing Arts Center at 800 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas 92024 is featuring a series of Shakespeare plays with a modern twist and great music. Tonight’s performance and througn Sept. 23 is “The Musical”. Senior discounts are available and seating is from $12 and up. Enjoy great music from the 1960s woven together with […]

It Isn’t Everyday You Can Pull Off a Birthday Surprise–Once in a Blue Moon

Tweet When a good friend turns ….older it gets harder to surprise them but Jane’s husband E.B. and friends were able to by telling her she was going to get a pedicure and a massage. The house was full and waiting quietly hidden in the kitchen and Jane came into the front door to be […]

Labor Day-Family and Friends, Beach and Barbeque’s

Tweet This weekend I decided to fore go events (although the tall ships in San Diego Harbor would be on my list to attend this weekend). I think Labor Day marks the time when families should bond together along with great friends. Our family and most of my friends are beach lovers so starting out […]