21 Year old Georgia Girl, Haley Barclay Fundraiser for a Heart and Liver Transplant

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Painting up for Auction to raise funds for Hayley Barclay's Transplants -Artist Sherry Lynn


Sherry Lynn is a Georgia artist. Her work has been shown in  various galleries around Atlanta. She attended The Art Institute of Atlanta and has been painting for about 20 years. She has had paintings that have sold in the thousands. Her medium is acrylic, oils and water color, gouache, and also does colorful  mosaic out of painted egg shells. She calls her style a dance of colors. Sherry painted the above painting of the eagle (4′ x 3’4″) an acrylic original on canvas unframed. Sherry Lynn is donating this painting to raise funds for Haley Barclay a 21 year old who needs to have a double transplant-heart and liver in order to survive. The restaurant where Haley’s mother works is holding a fund raiser on May 26th to help finance Haley’s surgery. To bid on the painting and you are not in Georgia on May 26th you can call Kathy at 678-313-2816 Easterm time to place a bid on the painting prior to the 26th. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the painting goes to Haley.

Here is a picture of Sherry Lynn and another of her paintings.

GA artist Sherry Lynn

Sherry Lynn's acrylic on canvas of Marilyn Monroe













Letter sent out from The Grove Bar & Grill – 4681 Bill Gardner Parkway-Locust Grove, GA 30248 by Debbie Baughman regarding a fund raiser where the above painting will be auctioned to help pay for Haley Barclay’s double heart and liver transplant.

21 Year old Haley Barclay needs Heart/Liver Transplant

Here is the letter sent May 1, 2012:

By way of introduction, my name is Debbie Baughman, the owner and operator of The Grove Bar & Grill in Locust Grove, Georgia. Since operating this establishment in 2005, I have been fortunate to team together with an excellent staff of employees and have had the pleasure of meeting many new friends either as customers or members of the community. These introductions have allowed not only myself, but my “Grove Family”, to participate in many community activities. In turn, we are pleased to be hosting a fundraising event on Saturday, May 26th, 2012 at The Grove Bar & Grill beginning at noon and going throughout the day and evening. The event has become affectionately known as “Haley’s Rally”.

Haley Barclay, the daughter for Kay Barclay, one of my most dedicated staff members and beloved friends, has battled with A V Canal Defect, a heart disorder, all of her life. In layman’s terms, this is a heart defect which has forced Haley and her family to live in and out of hospitals from the time (Haley) she was an infant. Haley endured heart surgery at the young age of 3 and received a new (heart) valve. At age 6, she was fitted with a pacemaker and at the age of 16, she received another new valve as well as additional procedures to repairs issues from her previous surgery. These procedures were necessary for Haley’s survival and enable her to live life and recently celebrate her 21st birthday, but unfortunately the necessary heart repairs have caused pressure in her liver. Haley has now reached the point that she must have a heart transplant along with a liver transplant to survive.

Haley has been blessed with dedicated, hard-working and loving parents, Barry and Kay and brothers, James and Joe, who, as we can only imagine have taken every step necessary to ensure that Haley can receive the medical care she requires. In addition to her immediate family, Haley’s extended family and friends have created a support system to assist in any way possible during times of need. Facing the heart and liver transplants, the economic realities are overwhelming, but not insurmountable. We hope to provide as much assistance with the upcoming financial obstacles as possible.

We are currently seeking gracious donations for Haley’s Rally, whether it be monetary donations or items that may be used for the auctions and raffles to be held during the Rally. All the proceeds will be directly donated to Haley and placed in an account that has been established for her benefit. Any donations will be applauded on the following website along with details of the event: http://www.facebook.com/Rally4Haley  unless anonymity is requested. Please join us on May 26th at The Grove Bar & Grill for a fun filled day that has the ultimate goal of helping family and friends during a delicate time while celebrating the miracle of life.


Debbie Baughman



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