Me with my daughter, Chelsea Gladden at our family Birthday party

I am on the left

Have you ever had a Zhu Zhu pet for a hair ornament? If yes or no check out my article on Babysitting Grandparents Safety tips and I hope you laugh as much as I did when I wrote it! I am the “I Love Lucy” of grandparenting. See if you agree.

My mission to connect with other current or soon to be new Grandparents. Hopefully we can laugh, cry and learn some tips and tricks along the way of this latest journey. As this chapter unfolds for all new and existing Grandparents we will bond, share and connect to be the best Grandparents we can be!

About me:

Aside from having 9  (9 months to 9 years) grandchildren I was instumental in getting Before and After school care in the Carlsbad Unified School District. I taught Parent Effectiveness training at Mira Costa College. I taught Laubach literacy for Carlsbad and English to the Migrant program mothers. I produced the Youth Resource Directory for At Risk kids for Carlsbad Parks and Req. I was former supervisor of all classes and facilities for Carlsbad Parks and Req as well as got the City Council to formerly recognize the Pre-School Program after getting the building up to Safety Code. I also got the Scout House up to safety standards for Carlsbad Parks and Req. I am also 2 time past PTA President for Pine School. I also worked on the winning concept for a commercial for the National Wildlife Founation narrated by Robert Redford on the then endangered Peregrin Falcon. The Peregrin Falcon is no longer on the endangered species list.


I am a fourth generation San Diegan and have four children (3 boys and 1 girl) and now have 9 Grandchildren.

My daughter Chelsea Gladden from http://Breezymama.com has five children and lives two exits from my home.



email: valeries@sandiegograndmas.com