Alternative High School Graduation Temecula 5 Classes 2012-Hardships and Lessons

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Temecula Valley 5+ Alternative High School Graduation Class of 2012

I once sat at a breakfast with a politician at a fund raising breakfast for the California State Controller job, Steve Westley. I had arranged the breakfast and it was filled with about 12 other individual’s supporting Steve Westley who did win that job for California. He was asked about his feelings about education. Mr. Westley said that he wanted to ensure that all children could get an education and that even young girls that are pregnant could still get their diploma from high school. I had to speak up because I taught art for 5 years at La Palma Continuation High in Carlsbad. I said Mr. Westley pregnant high school girls already have the ability to continue in school while they are pregnant and do graduate.

He said he did not know that. So I wanted to explain to those of you that don’t know there is a program throughout the California Public Education programs that provide alternative high school for kids that are failing or have parental or economic hardships that won’t allow them to attend the “regular” high school. Yesterday my husband and his son and friends attended the graduation of his Grand daughter Aubrey Anna.

First the Principal got up and spoke about an experience he recently had at the “Rock ‘n Roll” marathon and he saw many limping runners cross the finish line. He asked them how they did it and they all said it was because of the support they got from family and other runners. The Principal asked what place they came in at the finish line and they all said it doesn’t matter what matters is we ran the entire race and that was victory enough.

I heard for the five different alternative schools represented at yesterday’s graduation about the hard ships from the teachers and were proud their students made it across the finish line.

A representative from each class stood up to talk to the graduates about their hardships and journey. One girl spoke of having to leave her school that was close and did not have either parent able to help her with transportation. She had to work to make the money to pay $200. a month to have someone drive her to school but she did it and stood proud. Another speaker at the end said it took her 9 years to earn her high school diploma. We all looked at each other and wondered if we heard wrong.

This young proud woman had a child, left school got married and was determine to go back and with the help of her teacher and husband made it to address her class of fellow graduates from Temecula Class of 2012.

In a time when money stops flowing into the schools and massive teacher layoffs and closures of many schools one seldome thinks about how hard school can be for a child that has no one to help them or that can’t keep up with the homework and work outside of school.

A small but mighty group of warriors: The Graduates of 2012

So when the vote comes up to fund education just remember how many children today are not getting their diplomas because a vote to not fund education is a vote and one more reminder for students that we don’t think they are worthy. They are worthy. They deserve a chance to have a solid education and at the minimum a high schoool diploma. Congrats Grads!

Congratulations Aubrey Anna!!!

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