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This post was written by Valerie on December 7, 2011
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Blessed with Twins!!

As Grandparents we were so blessed to have a beautiful set of twins this past year.  Note they are not dressed alike in the photo. They look exactly alike to us and even now I fumble the names and who is who. We baby sat them one evening and noted that one baby sleeps in a brown bed and the other in a white bed. They never or rarely dress them alike. When we asked the name of the twin we were holding we would get both names thrown out, then a scratched head and a double look from the other kids/parents so even they had a hard time telling them apart. They are not supposed to be identical but you would have a hard time too.

One night when we were baby sitting, my husband thought it would be really funny to swap the babies outfits and place them in the opposite beds to see if their parents could tell. I said no because they may never figure that one out.

Today I can sort of tell them apart.  So I did some research on the best sites for twins and found Double Blessings.

It turns out we even know the owner-small world. They are the parents of twins.

So if there are any grandparents out there looking for gifts for twins you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate from Double Blessings. Check it out at

Besides lots of great products for twins there is a lot of really helpful info.


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