Approaching April Cameron Still Missing Since 10/6/11 Update

This post was written by Valerie on March 28, 2012
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Cameron with my sister


It is approaching Easter 2012 and we are not any closer to finding my son, Cameron Remmer, 29 missing from San Francisco’s Fairmont hotel from a business trip- but we just had a possible siting this last Friday night, March 23 at UC Davis Hospital around 10pm. in the ER. The people that reported a  possible Cameron siting this past weekend were in the ER with relatives and a sister of Cam’s good friend thought she recognized the shoulder length haired and a  bit heavier young man that was wearing long dark pants, T-shirt and slippers like they issue at the shelters as Cameron when they went home and checked the missing poster.

He actually came up to her while she was getting a soda and told her that he had been waiting a long time and that he was Bi-polar at the UC Davis Hospital in Sacramento this last Friday night but he gave up when no one came to help him while he had waited over two hours to be seen. He told her that he was giving up and asked for a cigarette (Cam hated smoking but by now who knows?). The family looked again at the missing poster and not only called the Inspector Joseph Carroll in SFO PD department they also called Cam’s brother at 2:30 am on Saturday so sure it was him but he was heavier with longer hair. They did not want to get the family’s hopes up but really thought he looked like Cameron.

I had spent that Saturday getting the rest of his stuff from his former room mate with my husband. It was really hard to get the last of his things from his old apartment. It was some closure  but one that I was not ready to deal with and did not handle that Saturday too well. But then getting the call about the possible siting in Sacramento sent us calling clinics and the Hospital and then calling the Inspector.

Although there was only a slight chance it was Cameron the Inspector had already been calling and talking to the hospital personnel and asking about video tape. The Inspector did think that by now since Cameron has been missing since Oct. 6th that his hair could be shoulder length from his shaved head look when he first arrived in SFO. Cameron has stomach issues and not likely would gain weight because he is lactose intollerant and may have Celiac disease which causes him to stay thin. However, not to rule out weight gain that could be because of what he is eating that would be able to stay in his system like fresh fruit/vegetables.

Video tape that was taken by Cameron when he first arrived in SFO and including the Blue Grass Festival did not show anything or anyone unusual other than Cam’s interest in people. There was a scene in the last video where he gave a street musician half of his tuna sandwich and the musician told Cam he had been living in the park for a month and Cam asked more details from him about his living conditions.

I do not think that Cameron was at the UC Davis Hospital this past Friday but after sobbing all day because there was not much more we can do to find him this did give us new strength to not give up.

My family is really having a hard time at this juncture in our search to find Cameron. We have missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day and now coming up Easter. We can only reach out to all of you to help us by keep looking for Cameron.

Like in the picture above family is really important to Cameron as are his friends and no one has heard anything from hims since Oct. 6th.

Please help us find him and notify the SFO missing persons and refer to the info that follows. Thank you from Cam’s family and friends.

I include the SFO case number and info here:

Cameron Remmer Missing Since October 6th, 2011


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