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This post was written by Valerie on December 5, 2011
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One of San Diego’s little secrets is the magical Barbara Chapman, artist, teacher, weaver and creator of magical environments. You can attend one of Barbara’s classes in Encinitas at the Black Sheep or go to  to learn more about their class schedule.

Miho Gilles out front of Barbara and Wayne Chapman's home

Twice a year Barbara and her husband Wayne open their home to sell weavings, magical fairies, whimsical creatures, gorgeous jewelry, woven clothing, pottery and the wonderful experience of leaving the hectic part of life’s stresses out on the street when you first step foot on their garden path to their front door.

Stepping into the Chapman's front Garden

I brought my friend Miho to experience the wonders of the Chapman’s home and expose her to their talent and crafts.

We both felt as if we left a blah street and entered a new land, with the sounds of water falls at every turn, Koi ponds, Budhas and Tibetan temples the serenity and fascination pulls you into a peaceful WOW experience.

Their home survived a major fire several years ago but they never gave up their vision to inspire and create awe for all who enter.

The gentle sounds of bells flow through the gardens and like a Labarynth draw you deeper into it’s exotic ability to help one meditate and reflect. Here are some of the garden shots taken by Miho.


Chinese lanterns and water falls.

One of the many water falls

An Impressive Statue A colorful Bali umbrella catches the eye

















Now we step foot into the incredible home where various items in the home are for sale. Here is one of Barbara’s incredible “people”, the wonderful “trees” on her mantle and other creations in photos inside where the true magic begins.

The mantel with trees Barbara created

Barbara loves colors and fabrics

Small Peek at Barbara's Clothing and Jewelry

Outside to see another fountain and listen to the wind

There is so much more to see but you will walk away with visions of all that is  rich with gold/sequined fabrics and lots of beads and light reflecting off of them.  Wayne’s pottery can be seen in some of the magical faces that Barbara uses to create her lifelike elf’s and forrest creatures.
Her first love is weaving and then fabrics, jewelry making and helping others learn her craft.She has been teaching many years in San Diego origninally through Palomar College. She wears her art and appears like a queen draped in one of her woven jackets adorned with  a necklace she made with tibetan amulets, amber and colorful fabric on her neck. Barbara’s genius  is also in the way she uses her creations to decorate every room and leaves you feeling that you just had a visual relationship with the fabric and substance of Barbara and Wayne Chapman.
I have taken several of Barbara’s classes at the Black Sheep in Encinitas which has been so rewarding. Barbara Chapman is a true treasure in San Diego and someone that only comes our way in life rarely.

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