Aurora-In Our Prayers

This post was written by Valerie on July 21, 2012
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I got up in the morning to write my usual weekend events only to wake up to the TV discussing the events about the shootings at a movie theatre in Aurora. My son, his wife and my two grand daughters live in Aurora and go to the movies a lot so my heart skipped when I tried to reach my son and he did not answer. It was just minutes until he returned my call and said they were all OK and were not at the movie. My son said he had already received  many text messages and even my brother and his family that live in Paris, Fr sent an email.

We are still trying to get our lives together since my youngest son has gone missing Oct. 6th, 2011 from the Fairmont hotel and this month, July 30th he will be 30. My sonfrom Aurora and his family will be here that week and being with all of them will be so much more important because we can’t hug the families that were impacted by the senseless shootings in a movie theatre from a kid that grew up also in San Diego but our family prays for all of you and for all the responders that helped save lives or gave their lives.

In respect to this tragedy I can’t write about this weekend’s events. I just want to comfort and help the families in Aurora. So when my family comes to San Diego soon from Aurora the hugs will be long, and hard and so thankful.

Life is so wonderful and just wanting to have a fun time and see a much talked about movie about Batman of all things should have been so simple and what helps us escape the hardships we suffer already.  A movie to help us escape the lives we struggle to live and enjoy. I had my grand daughter who just turned four spend the night and how innocent and wonderful she is and how much I wanted her to have a fun time. We went to McDonald’s which is one of the kids favorite places to eat for a treat.

In San Ysidro many, many years ago another disturbed young man shot up the McDonalds and killed children and parents. My mind kept going back to that time and it has taken me many years to feel OK about eating there again. We can’t change what we enjoy or stop doing the things that help us get through the rough times and help us have fond memories. We can’t stop being who we are as a people who help others and feel safe.

Recently we had one of our elementary schools (one I used to work at sometimes) have a shooting that hit children on a playground.

It just seems there is no safe place anymore but there are a lot of strong and courageous people that step up out of the shadows to help others during times like these. Nameless heros that help others even when they themselves are in danger and that is because that is the true-masses of people of all races and beliefs that reach out a hand to help.

My prayers are with all of us touched by these events because in reality what happens in one state is felt around the world, a world that weeps for the humanity that is in all of us and for the families that have to suffer with the reality that one of their own caused to happen.



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