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This post was written by Valerie on September 30, 2011
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When I began my babysitting my Grandchildren the things I knew from raising children was pretty much ancient info.
Luckily for me I learned to listen to my children and had them write down the instructions–still there were some interesting/harmful/new stuff I knew nothing about.
If you are a Grandparent with some experiences please share them.Here are some things I learned about the hard way.

The following story is to keep Grandparents safe-thus better be able to safely babysit the children.
I was babysitting for three of my grandchildren one evening. How hard can that be as they had already been fed, bathed and ready for bed?

I like to get some “floor” time with the kids before I have them go to bed. We all dance to their favorite music, read books and see their latest toys. So this night we are in the kids room curtains open and windows facing the street. Let me lay out the rest of this scene saying that my Grandson played what is now my favorite song, “The Princess Who Saves Herself”. AWESOME! We all dance and run about, jumping up and down and loudly singing and mimicking the song with our fake guitars when I look out on the street and there stands a small gathering of parents with strollers laughing. OK it was funny but embarrassing for me. Now that wasn’t the dangerous part I am getting to that as we shut off the music, I closed the curtain and we read books. Ten minute countdown to sleep time.
My 3 year old Granddaughter sits next to me and the 5 and 7 year old are sitting on the floor or on my other side.
I begin to read when out of the blue the 3 year old (gently) put her Zhu Zhu pet on top of my head.
I have very thin hair. Every strand is precious to me and I am constantly taking Biotin and other vitamins to try to grow thicker hair.
I have never heard of a Zhu Zhu pet. I did not know anything about them but soon my grandchildren schooled me about the Zhu Zhu’s nature and dangerous abilities to rip out your hair from the roots.

I stop reading and feel the wheels chewing up a hunk of my hair. I ask the kids to turn this thing off. They said you can’t turn it off exactly. My saviour 7 year old reaches up and “turns it off”. I am grabbing it now with both hands and it begins “eating” my hair closer to my scalp. My Grand-daughter said, “Stop Grammy you are touching it’s Sensitive Areas!” I ask what sensitive areas?? It’s evil wheels keep turning. My Granddaughter saviour said to stop touching the Zhu Zhu. I put my hands down but now I have a strange looking hair ornament that I can not remove.

I ask if they have scissors. Of course no one knew where they were kept. I begin to panic (actually was panicking and now in hysteria). The answers to all of my foibles when babysitting is for the kids to “Call Grampy!!” Ok I caved and picked up the phone and told him to please come to my rescue and bring scissors. (I have a wonderful husband and is on to my “I Love Lucy” episodes).

He arrives and we all yell, “Yeah, Grampy’s here.” To my husbands surprise he had never seen an animal toy like this either. It appears that it has 8 set of wheels (two each that move in opposite directions per “foot”). Every time my husband would touch it the Zhu Zhu moved and there was just no way he could remove my hair so out came the scissors.

Zhu Zhu pet

Finally the children were more than ready to go to bed but wanted to be sure that I would not get rid of all of their Zhu Zhu pets–some 13 or more hidden all over their rooms. My three year old Grand-daughter promised to not put one near my hair and she has kept her word.



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