Beautiful Jodean Downey Has a Birthday at the Lavender Fields

This post was written by Valerie on May 13, 2012
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Jodean Downey spent most of her life in North County and had a well established hair salon called, “The Salon” for many years and still cuts hair from her studio in Vista. She is another North County treasure. She has helped numerous people get their lives back on track and gives so much to so many. She helped me when I was a single mother with two small children and she knew I was struggling many years ago to hold onto my home so she rented a room from me to help keep me in my home and acting like I was doing her the favor.

She is also an incredible artist and decorator and for those many people that have been to her home or her studio you know that even my pictures can’t do justice to her knack of creating something out of recycled goodies.

So before the six of us set out on our journey to the Lavender fields let me first introduce you to the the ambiance of Jodean.

Her Chandelier made from roses from her garden

To enter her home your eye first is caught by the fresh flowers at her door. She is always changing the entry and every time over 20+ years I am always caught off guard by her creative entry ways.

Walking up to the porch her yard has such exotic items like a cast iron bed frame from France, a moose sculpture, an old box spring mattress with a collection of objects she carefully selects like the flowers she picks from her garden.

In the times when many people look on we collectors with a bit of a sneer thinking that their need for minimalism is the better way they are actually missing the depth of thought it takes to make something or many somethings into a smooth thread that the eye can follow. It pulls you in like Alice ‘N Wonderland and you are more than willing to enter.

As collectors we see the symmetry that minimalist’s miss and also the sense of humour that allows us all to laugh at the crazy economy or bad times.



The Moose greets guests on arrival to Jodean's.

I see the moose and I actually say outloud, “Hi Moose!” and continue walking the path to the door. I know that what I see now won’t even compare to the wonders Jodean has created for her family and those warm feelings of love she lavishes on all who enter.
Her family is also creative as her husband Mark has a beautiful voice and as a builder a creater of master pieces himself so it is no wonder that they had a beautiful, handsome son who makes the most incredible jewelry and Kalidescopes and glass pieces their son Noah.
Keep in mind that there will be a journey to the lavendar fields but allow me to continue to share what is so hard to describe but with a sense of joy I will bombard you now with many pictures each one better than the last.

Glittered Stencil Santa that stays up all year in the inside entry










"Prayer Changes Everything"

Prayer is a strong part of Jodean’s family and community and she is a devoted helper to those in need and she keeps us all in her prayers.

The kitchen counter where you get that "Alice 'N Wonderland" feel

Ok we are now getting to the place where you can’t but help spin in a circle to see what the walls hold and the fun of all the great shades of fresh flowers mixed in with whimsy and love.

This is the bathroom entry....

Her Great Grandmother's saddle and note the heart foot hold

OK I haven’t even gotten to the other great stuff but it’s time to now start our journey with a total of six women headed to Keys Creek Lavender Farm located at 12460 Keys Creek Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 (877) 358-0444 or go to (where you can purchase some of their incredible gifts and lavender).

Keys Creek Lavender Farm in Valley Center, CA

We got there just in time to get to go on the 10:30AM tour of the farms. Did you know that lavender oil can ward off insects? Neither did I but you can bet your money that I got some for our two dogs and they love it. We learned about the honey farmer that makes his living off the bees that “work” on the farm to provide the incredible taste of lavender honey. We went through fields of lavender with different varieties we could pinch and squish under our fingers and then enjoy the fragrance that we held for our noses to enjoy. I swear I think I saw a lot of people just loosen up after the first sniff. There were fields and fields full of the lavender which will be harvested in July which is a great time to get fresh cut lavender. But for our pre-mother’s day trip on May 11th we enjoyed the warm sun, the shade breaks and all the great info of how a couple decided to buy a lavender farm three years ago and revitalize it with their love and determination.

The Lavender Fields


More wonderful Lavender











The grounds also grows food for the local rabbits and other critters. They all just get along. The owners studied the lavender fields of France and decided to buy the fields and give them new life.There are also plans to expand the grounds that currently hosts private parties and weddings with a pool and swim up bar which you never see on the tour so it is quietly sitting behing the house on theright of the picture so as not to disturb the farms.Next to their land is a group of farmers that run the local dining deli called the “Yellow Deli” and they also sell their bread at the farms gift shop. You have to try their lavender infused lemonade it is to diefor.We all ended our day with a load of Lavender and a happy smiling slightly tanner group of ladies ready to continue on to lunch at the deli.



The Birthday Girl with her Adveturesome Friends







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What a wonderful surprise to read this delightful blog post about my dear friend Jodean! I had heard all about this birthday treat for her and it’s great to see pictures. Jodean and I have been friends since 6th grade.
Thanks again for sharing this!

Written By Carol on May 14th, 2012 @ 6:11 pm

Carol thank you for your comment. Jodean looks so great!!

Written By Valerie on May 15th, 2012 @ 7:11 am

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