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This post was written by Valerie on January 14, 2012
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No Matter What Age-Surprizes are fun!

Birthdays are abundant this time of year for my family. Today my granddaughter is 8 and one of my best friends is 60 and my husband’s father shared the same birthday when he was alive!

Dec. 29th my oldest son turned 41 and my middle son turned 33 on Jan. 2. Next week my daughter turns…well another year older– and yes I am babysitting.

Now my granddaughter is having a sleep over to celebrate but secretly invited me to come see her. So I loaded my car with pink/purple “Hello Kitty” balloons and some small gifts. (Check out Queen Eileen’s in Encinitas for the cutest “Hello Kitty” things to go along with the great balloons at ) .

This is the first birthday that she is having without the whole family. So as the children age the parties change but nothing is like a friend of over 40+ years celebrating her 60th and the party will be slamming!!

With my son now missing for 3 + months life is hard and getting harder. Cameron Remmer 29 is my youngest son and we have a few leads and some investigators working to help us find him. I miss him so much. I find myself sleeping in because waking up means remembering he is missing and my stomach hurts and my mind yells out to the Universe to “COME HOME CAMERON”!!  I force my feet to swing to the floor and the cold tile reminds my body to get moving.

Yesterday I went to the dentist and found myself crying when telling them Cam’s story–our families pain. I get lots of hugs and I need them and thank everyone that takes the time to acknowledge our struggle waiting to find him.

After spending the morning on researching some things that may help us find Cameron I shook that off and remembered all of those of you out there with your missing children/family or dealing with loosing a family member or friend.

A magic kind of voice said with all that can go wrong remember to celebrate all that is right like having a great friend for so many years and getting to share in her birthday and to see my grandDaughter smile at her balloons and cutely pretending to hog her “Hello Kitty” mints but shared them with here brother and sister with a cute wink.

I am celebrating that my daughter did survive her second surgery and is on the mend and looking forward to celebrating her birthday when we almost lost her two weeks ago (you can read her story at  ).

I think that I am lucky to see my granddaughter turn 8 and how much I love her and how happy she makes all of us with her cute jokes and great personality!

My friend and I have had a wonderful history of two single mothers who survived so many calamities and shared so many laughs and cries over the years and what would I or my children have done without her–our Tweet. She is magic on wheels and sees the wonder in the world and shares that with all who know her. She married a wonderful man  who is her rock as is her son Nathan and especially her grandchildren (3 boys –ironically a set of twins like me). The boy’s mother even worked with my 33 year old son’s wife…small world.

Tweet is someone that you can not see for a year but she is always in your mind/heart and when we get back together nothing changes–we continue our conversations launching into new stories and solutions. Laughter and sharing tare the very things that make my world seem larger because she like my daughter and granddaughter are in it. Celebrate life!








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