Bowden’s Easter Party-Fun/crafts/Italian Ice/ Boa Constrictor

This post was written by Valerie on March 31, 2013
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The Bowdens of Carlsbad and the grandparents of five boys hosted the pre-Easter party.

 Not only did they provide rows of baskets and hundreds of filled Easter eggs for the kids to hunt they also had an Italian Ice station (mmmm bubble gum, cherry, well you get the idea) they also had an Aligator for the kids to pet.

The tamest and smallest animal was the hedgehog. I never saw that many kids (after eating that much candy) be so quiet and attentive.

The kids are trustingly acting as “trees” and were instructed not to turn around while the Zoo Keeper brought out the final guest.

Every child sat in solid line with legs together and the Boa Constrictor gently crawled over their legs and the children lightly touched the soft skin as the snake journeyed on to the parents watched from a distance.

With orchids lining the fence and giant staghorn ferns dangled from a large shade tree children made quick work of collecting their eggs. The adults supervised and hamburgers/hot dogs and even freshly made beer from a local Carlsbad brewery eating and drinking.

The Bowdens are part of a large community of current and former fire fighters and they continue to make life safe and fun for their friends, neighbors and children.

It was hard to gather up all the family for a photo shoot so here are a few of them as they partied and laughed.

Nathan is their son and father of Wyatt, and twins…somewhere he is waving to Erica and his kids.

Father Bill is cooking in the kitchen and making sure the food keeps coming.

Tweet sat right in there with the kids to keep a close eye on that snake that just past over their legs.

The kids were all lined up youngest first and then the gate flung open and the kids scooped up their baskets with toys to fill them even more with the plastic egg filled with candy.


I apologize to Robin and her family (sons Jack and Will) as my camera dropped photos. But they are such a fantastic family. And I for one thank them for the awesome time and imagination and creativity the family did in putting together the most unforgettable Easter party ever.

Happy Easter everyone.



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