Breaking in Grandparents-Babysitting Twins

This post was written by Valerie on May 26, 2013
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The 2 year old twins.

Having lots of grand-children and lots of  overnights and babysitting I think for the first time I was a bit worried about watching my two twin grand-daughters for an over night. First of all they are fraternal twins and to me they look identical especially from the back.

Many of my neighbors are having their first and maybe second grand child. They are exhausted when the baby goes home and wonder how I manage to watch five at a time and still be able to walk. I too was doubting my ability to keep a handle on the two of them for the first time. I have watched the twins before at their house but this was the first time at our house.

Thanks to my daughter and her husband and their great parenting watching the twins turned out to be full of fun and laughter and strict bed times. The twins actually ask to go to bed. Well they weren’t exactly talking in sentences then like they are now but they would each grab a blanket and lay down on the floor and give me the cutest “look”. Like, “Grammy it is time to go to BED.”

I took them by myself to Mc Donald’s (some what of a tradition with all the kids when at our house).  They both want to be held and I don’t want them out of my sight especially in a fast food place. With one child on each hip and a hand full of money I ordered their “happy meal” and made our way to the outside “play” area that has high chairs. How was I to get their milk shakes (yes I know about the sugar but the twins per the Dr. needed to gain a bit more weight) with the food and the twins. It worked. Someone held the door for us and then once out in the gated area with the slide I was able to quickly put a twin in each separate high chair and not drop the food. Of course at that moment I expected applause. More weight or not the twins are heavy. My arms were shaking a bit but the girl’s took everything really well and with out tears.

They have their own little way of talking to each other without using real words. Oh occasionaly a recognizable word here and there. I am called Grammy. But the twins called me , “malk”. Which I figured out was twin speak for milk. I am the one that would get them their milk. Makes sense to me.

Now that they are older they call me Grammy and they also call Grampy (my husband) Grammy too. To the twins we are one being. I guess that is sort of true too.

I  always wanted my own twins and now I get to share my daughter’s. They loved to be held and are great at sharing for the most part. I love all my grand children and am so blessed but having good and funny dancing twins  (they love to dance even if there isn’t music).

I went to lunch another time with my neighbors. One of them had hired a sitter when her daughter dropped off two of her children. I thought that was a pretty smart Grandma. Watching kids is exhausting because of that added layer of fear as a Grandparent in charge we can’t/don’t want to ‘mess up’. No boo boo’s or sending home sugar high kids to their parents. It is a fine balance but with on each hip I never felt so loved or happy.

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