Cameron Remmer Missing Since Oct. 6, 2011-Possible Sighting in Millbrae So. of SFO

This post was written by Valerie on April 5, 2012
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Cameron Remmer spotting in Millbrae Tuesday-4/3

My son,Cameron William Remmer, 29,┬áhas been missing since Oct. 6th from the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco and the detective in charge is Inspector Joe Carroll with SFO Missing persons (415-558-5508) and case ID is 110819476. The picture above was taken by a friend of Cameron’s and when I enlarged the picture of his face with full beard if appears this could be Cameron.

larger pic of Cam possibly

This picture was taken at the only Lucky store in Millbrae located at 45 Murchinson Drive, Millbrae, CA 94030. I am going to contact the store and send them Cam’s info. Please keep sending us any possible Cameron sightings and contact the local police in the City you saw him and let the police know that Cam’s missing person case is 110819467 and that he is Bi-polar. Here is the original info sheet. His full beard is a match to Cam’s hair color and his expression looks like Cam and Cam would be really thin and we really need to find him to get him medical attention.

Cameron William Remmer-Missing since Oct. 6, 20ll from Fairmont Hotel


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