Cameron Remmer Still lost-Person found Dr. Confirmed Misidentified

This post was written by Valerie on November 1, 2011
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Halloween and we went to my daughters and all the kids were happy because Cameron had been found. (Cameron Remmer, Bipolar missing since Oct. 6th in SFO). The neighbors came over with their kids and it seemed that we were so relieved. I let my neighbors know after much crying that I had done and could not even be able to tell them Cam had been missing in SFO for about a month now. I was so excited when I got the call from the Detective that they had found Cameron and that they had taken him to the hospital. I spoke to the Dr. and he confirmed he was going to evaluate Cameron and asked some specific questions about Cam’s medical history.

We had two friends that live in the Bay Area on their way to the hospital to talk to Cam and were told it would take several hours for the medical evaluation. So they never were able to confirm that it actually was Cameron. The police said it was him. The hospital said they had him and the Dr. was going to evaluate him and was keeping him for a few days and maybe longer depending on his diagnosis.

His brothers and sister and father and all of us were so happy to have the doctor confirm he needed treatment.

Just as I was dressing one of the twins in her flower outfit my cell rang and my oldest son asked me how did I know it was Cameron. And I said that the police and the doctor said it was him and that we were not allowed to talk to him until his evaluation was over with. I spoke to the Dr. in the afternoon and they were starting on his medications and was doing his full evaluation.

Just as it was time to take all the kids Trick or Treating I got the confirmation from the doctor that the boy they found that did need medical treatment was unfortunately not Cameron and he felt so bad to tell me the news. He knew how hard it was for us and I could hear his own concern in his voice.

This is truely a nightmare because Cameron Remmer, 29 is still missing. There are a lot of Blue eyed young men mentally ill in the streets of San Francisco and we had a number of close calls only to find out it was not him. This time the police felt they had him. I still have to call the Missing Person detective tomorrow and see what our next steps can be.

I feel so bad for everyone that worked so hard and were so happy that Cameron was found only to now have to say it is not him. I also feel sorry for all of those young men and women that are mentally ill and have no advocates to get them the help they need so that they too can be rejoined with their families.  San Francisco has so many delusional and mentally ill people living on the streets. This is more than just helping my son. The young man that they did find is getting help and I hope they continue to help him even if it is not my son.

I am not sure where to go from here. We are truly devastated. We excused ourselves from the kids and Halloween and stayed with our neighbors who listened to our story and all of it’s ups and downs.

My other son that has spent several days the past few weeks searching for his brother was so happy today and my heart hurts for all of us but most for him and his wife and for Cams’s good friends that have been posting all those posters and following up on all the leads and all the joy they felt when we were so happy to have our Cameron back. Not fixed yet but back, safe with doctors caring for him. My heart hurts for my daughter, her husband and their five children, my older son and his wife and two daughters and their parents who all banded together from the sister-in-laws, mother-in-laws and all the people we call family and my husband and all of his family and yes I ache for my son. Ache that will be there with all of us tomorrow when we face another reality Cameron is still missing.

We had so many sightings from SFO to Oakland of young men that look like Cam’s picture. This is bigger than one son lost in his mental illness this is a huge number of people left to fend for themselves that have no voice because we stopped listening to them. We stopped SEEING them. And how many parents and siblings worrying that their child is lost in their own minds with no money or a warm bed.  Occupy San Francisco has been there forever not just a current movement but a large group of human beings that have been occupying whatever space they can grab for themselves. My son is now another one unheard, lost and mentally unable to get back home. Please click on the following for more info on  cam.

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