Cameron Remmer still missing SFO update-since Oct. 6, 2011

This post was written by Valerie on January 22, 2012
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Cameron Remmer missing from SFO since Oct. 6, 2011

Our family is not giving up our search for Cameron Remmer. We have a ton of notes and information. We are canvassing the surrounding businesses near the Fairmont Hotel for video footage of Oct. 6th. The SFO Inspector of missing persons agreed this week to question the last known people to see Cameron on the night of Oct. 6th when leaving the Fairmont without his luggage. We are checking area video footage of someone that connected with Cameron as he left the Fairmont and hopefully the police will be able to isolate the video as to who it was that met up with Cameron or not out front or down any surrounding streets. Additionally if Cam was in a full manic state he would not have left the hotel peacefully without his luggage. We are trying to determine exactly what Cameron was wearing, long pants/coat?? Clothing descriptions.

He is Bi-polar but it appears he was not in full manic mode.

There is speculation as to Cameron wanting to avoid the family for fear of hospitalization but I believe that not to be the case because nothing was published until after Oct. 14th and Cam would normally have called the family and his friends with his plans. He was jovial in my conversation with him on Oct. 6th in mid-day. He was to call us the next day and nothing shows up on any phone records.

Please continue to search for Cameron or if you were in the vicinity of the Fairmont Hotel on the evening of Oct. 6th between 11 to midnight please contact the authorities with your information on the poster in this article.

Thank you Cameron’s family.




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