Cameron Remmer Still Missing Updates

This post was written by Valerie on June 7, 2012
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Missing since Oct. 6th from the Fairmont Hotel

Two weeks ago the SFO Missing persons inspector Joe Carroll asked Cam’s Dad and myself for DNA sample to be done in Carlsbad. Officer Loren Bailey met me in the lobby and took me back to obtain my DNA. Cameron has been missing now over 9 months from the Fairmont hotel on Oct. 6th. We have worked months to gather and send information to Inspector Carroll who has been helpful with the case.

We called just last week to confirm they received my DNA only to find out that Inspector Carroll was moved to another location and department and we were not told who will be his replacement.

Joseph Carroll was to receive the DNA samples as well as get access to the Fairmont employees that could tell us if Cameron left with or met someone that night in the bar which the Fairmont refused to answer without an official police request/

The Inspector was also to go visit in person two persons that were with Cameron during most of his stay in the Bay area. None of that has been done. We can’t seem to get help and when we feel so helpless anyway. The brothers decided to do a credit report on Cameron just in case he had opened any new accounts or credit cards. No activity since Cameron went missing.

We are desperate at this stage. Heartbroken and feel like we may have to start all over again with a new Inspector should one be assigned to bring him or her up to speed.

We want Cameron home. This is extremely hard to go through each day for his family and friends not knowing. Is he alive? Is progress being made on his case?

Tell me good people what can we do next. If you can contact the SFO police Dept of Missing persons and keep asking them as an advocate for the family who is the new Inspector helping to find Cameron. Second bombard the Manager of Security at the Fairmont hotel to release the bartender and others the night of October 6th to report to the police anyone Cameron spent most of his time with in the bar.

Thank you.


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