Cameron Wm. Remmer Missing One Year on Oct. 6,2012

This post was written by Valerie on September 28, 2012
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Cameron William Remmer Missing Since Oct. 6, 2011

My son Cameron William Remmer is still a missing person and no one amongst his friends or family have heard from him.  A new detective recently was assigned to his case and spoke to us last week asking me if I had a “recent” photo of him. OK detective not a good impression.

The last known photo’s of my son are above. The SFO Chronicle ran the last know photo of Cameron taken on his trip last year in October.

There is nothing worse than the not knowing for any of us is he alive or dead. I gave my DNA to prove any John Doe is or is not my son.

I got a letter just today from the DMV for Cam. I had to call them. It hurts. His birtday was July 30th and even though we all shared in a single wish for his save return. It hurt.

I hear a song and I think it is a message from Cam. I get “signs” from him constantly. A man at the grocery store paid a $200 dollar bill all in $2. bills. Cam collects two dollar bills. The day before his birthday a woman gave me a “wheat penny” and said I think I am supposed to give this to you. I cried because Cam collected wheat pennies.  The new song “Home” by Phillip Phillips words have so much meaning for me especially about the part of “demons whispering in your ear” and to ignore that negativity.

Cam I want to make this “place your home”. I don’t know how many different scenarios have run through our heads.

I went to psychics and most said he was dead. My daughter did some research on how most psychics work and you can go to the following url: to debunk most of what psychics like “the New Jersey Medium” get you to believe.

My son touches me daily either through a song, a vision, a prayer or an item. So many times I have heard, ” I don’t know how hard this must be to not know what happened to your son”. It is pretty damn hard. It is worse on my other children.

Cameron not only missed his birthday, I had hoped he would surface for his Dad’s on 8/8 and no Cameron. I had hoped he would call me on mine, 9/9. Cameron always did something really special for my birthday which usually was a Dave Matthews concert or like last year he took me to lunch to the Carlsbad’s Fidels with a questionable Zach Burda (love to talk to you Zach cause I know you know more than you said you did).

So yesterday I met Martha the owner of the Carlsbad’s Fidels. Coincidence…sure. But it still has great meaning for me. I feel it is Cam’s way of letting me know he is with me and that is what helps me move forward. I can feel my son in my heart and I believe in the messages he sends me and the people he puts in my path.

This is what helps me get by as well as all the prayers and friends and family that have kept his memory alive and continue to search for him.

This year went by so quickly and it is hard to imagine he has been uncommunicative for all this time uless he is unable  to -not knowing who he is or that something far worse took place that night and early morning hours of October 7th when he left the Fairmont hotel leaving behind $60K and all of his clothing.  Cam’s stay at the Fairmont was paid for by John Caleb Marks who was the last known person to have dinner with Cam.

Caleb was kind enough to fill me in on the dinner and even mentioned he would have his “San Diego Team” look for Cam.  Caleb said Cam refused a ride after their dinner and I believe their discussion also may have played  a large part in Cam’s disappearance. I am not accusing anyone as all have been co-operative and appeared to be forth coming. But what have they remembered since that conversation a year ago? What do they know they did not share? Believe that I don’t need anything but the truth as this is harder not knowing than anything they left out to possbily “protect me and my family”.




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