Can Life Get Any Crazier???

This post was written by Valerie on July 3, 2012
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Ok so I go about my life trying my best to be a great grandma and a good person but lately it seems that no matter what I try I hit roadblocks.

Does life really need to be this hard? I just spent thirty minutes trying to get to my own blog site and thanks to Time Warner I could not. Even if my back is turned for just one brief day or two all h— breaks out and some new program attacks my computer and leaves me pulling out my hair.

Now those of you that know me know I don’t have much hair left. I complain and rant at my computer screen as the dogs cower in the corners and my husband brings me a glass of wine. I swear and shout at air. I spent over 19 years in IT (Internet Technology) so if I get frustrated just imagine those of you that barely know how to send an email. I feel your pain.

I spent two nights ago fixing my friends computer after a Time Warner “specialist” worked on their computer and could not figure out the issue. And I am the one still trying to find a job. My friends can’t believe that I was able to accomplish in less than five minutes when it took an “intelligent pc specialist” all day to do and still did not fix their machine.

I am beginning to hate machines. They seem to hate us all. Sure we can feel powerful with our texting and tweeting and facebooking but when things go bad… is something that can truly drive us to wine.

So last night with friends settled into their new abode looking out at the sunset and deep blue ocean I sipped wine and tried to forget that I can’t get my articles published for Thursday’s events for my blog. I just wanted to write about the 4th of July and where to watch the fireworks for this coming Wednesday and it literally took several attempts to finally get to what I wanted to let all of you know about…the events for July and all about the fire works.

I think the wine and ocean and the group of great friends really helped me see the “light”. I have a strong group praying to find my missing bipolar son soon to be 30 on July 30th and missing since Oct. 6th from a San Francisco business trip where he left all of his belongings at the Fairmont hotel who now won’t co-operate with the police about what happened that night my son went missing.

So this wonderful group of women along with all of you who have sent prayers and good wishes I celebrate life because of you and my hope to find my son is ever stronger because of your emails and calls and caring and prayers.

I wish you all find happiness and strength in the meaning behind the celebration of July 4th and to help you know where and when some wonderful events will take place please read on.

Lego Land and most likely Aviara Hilton will be shooting off fireworks along with the Del Mar Fair Grounds and of course the partiers of Leucadia and the beaches where you can sit and watch the fireworks rage on. San Diego Bay may still go forward with their traditional fireworks where you can watch from the grass lined shores of Coronado or from your boat if you are so lucky or from a dock if not.

July is full of events celebrating our military veterans on July 18th at the La Costa Resort and Spa at 2100 Costa Del Mar in Carlsbad for $20 through . Veterans, military personnel, police and firefighters will be honored after the first evening tennis match and U.S. Navy Cmdr. Abe Thompson will sing accompanied by contemporary jazz saxophonist Michael Lington.

Fashion that heals will also be at the La Costa Resort and Spa on July 19th for $200. sponsored by Tri-City Medical for more info go to or call 760-940-3370. This event  will include cocktails, silent auction and evening tennis match.

Globe Gala on July 28th at the Old Globe in Balboa Park for $750. call 619-1941 ext. 2303 or¬†with performances, dinner and dancing at this black tie event to benefit the theatre’s education and artistic programs.

Del Mar Race Track opening day (ladies get your hats ready) at 11:30am July 18th at the Del Mar Race Track, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar for $10 Stretch Run or $20 for the club house. I met Jimmy Durante when he would fly from LA to San Diego to go to the races. He was shorter than I am at 5’1″ and he took off his hat, cocked his head and shimmied his hand with the hat and said, “I loves ya girls!!”. Jimmy Durante loved the races and the stews for PSA loved Jimmy.




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