Carlsbad’s C.Watson Wearable Artist & Grandsons

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Carlsbad's Wearable Artist C. Watson and Grandsons Visit

This summer I was blessed to have my 8 yr old grandson, Willie, for just about 6 weeks.. It was

such fun to have him here..

One day, I had to occupy Willie and my friends two boys that are 7 and 10 years old for a couple

of hours. Living in Carlsbad Village, we went through a couple galleries.. I suggested in the first

gallery to pick out one favorite painting out of the collection that were being featured.. Each

boy picked out their favorite, and then they walked around the gallery to show their favorite

painting.. the fun part of that was the two of the paintings they picked out were the gal that was

working the Gallery that particular day. That was so much fun!

We went to the next gallery. Due to the greater numbers of art to choose from they got to pick

out 3 of their favorites…no touching…shooo…keep it as a surprise. Willie said, “there are so

many I like, can I pick 4?:” Of course I said yes…

The boys picked their favorite 3-4 paintings. One by one, we went around the gallery to see

each pick…I must say it was such a fun time with 3 young boys and exposing them to art

Galleries.. The host of each gallery were very impressed by the graciousness of the boys…

Such fun!

It was interesting to watch the expressions of the people in observation.. I enjoyed spending

time with the boys and showing the art…

After the Art Galleries, we headed over to the HIstoric society at McGee park.. Another great

time of information supplied by one of the boys that toured the house in school the year prior..

He walked us through the house explaining to us the different features of the house.

I must say, by the time I dropped them off at the beach in the afternoon…we had a very nice day

of culture right here in Carlsbad Village. And the great thing is…the boys had fun and we did it

all without any cost… It was FREE!!!

The summer was so much fun having Willie here for 5 weeks.. As a single person, if I had a

regular JOB, I might not have had the opportunity to spend this time with my little man, but

being I am self employed, I could cut out time and have fun with Willie.. Would I have liked to

not have to work at all? YES! But I am thankful that I could work on my own time..

I am a Designer… Websites, Landscapes and Fashion.. I have found I love designing websites,

email marketing and Facebook pages. The great thing is by doing this type of work, I was able

to take my computer on a two week road trip with my 8 year old grandson and my 81 year old

mother traveling from Orange County to Winona MN by way of Mt Rushmore… It was work, but

how can you replace that kind of time.. We took Willie home to his mommy and little 2 year old

brother and 5 cousins and through it all I worked on a design deadline..

I am a San Diego Grandma with 7 grandkids in Minnesota, and 6 in Idaho. I love my grandkids,

would love to be closer but, Carlsbad is the town for me…and I love to have them visit when

they can..

Self Portraits

Catherine Watson


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