ABC Diane Sawyer Talked about Gluten Free-My story living with Celiac Disease

Tweet   On ABC’s Diane Sawyer story on Dominoes offering Gluten Free Pizza and is Gluten free for everyone if they don’t have Celiac Disease which according to her report only impacts 1% of the population . Her story went on to show the numerous offerings of gluten free products (no wheat, barley or rye) […]

Shop and Help Autism Speaks at The same time

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Healing With Food Classes Begin in January-Encinitas

Tweet   In an earlier posting on my having Celiac disease and know the difficulty to finding wheat free/gluten free, soy free, dairy and egg free foods and now you can learn about Healing With Food classes by Nancy Princetta in Encinitas. Nancy’s new class which begins on January 11, February 1 & February 22, 2012 from 6pm […]

Spirtual Connection Event Dec. 3

Tweet Good friend Candace Pittenger is hosting ( for $80 and second ticket $40. ) this Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 at 9:30am to 1:30pm A Magical Day with two well known Spiritual leaders for health and happiness. Go to or call 760-644-9275 or 760-470-1065. The event will be held at the Liberty Tax Office, 3001 El Cajon Blvd. […]

Please Support The Able Act

Tweet My friend contacted me about a close call she had with her son who has Aspberger’s. He is working locally and someone befriended him on line. He did tell his Mom about his new friend. But what she did not know was that her son got an email asking him where he worked so […]

Carlsbad Volunteer Police Check in with Elderly

Tweet   The Carlsbad Volunteer Police Department has a program available to check in on elderly live alone or couples as a free service. Go to to get further info. There are several elderly adults in our neighborhood that have relatives that live far from our town. So when we saw the City of Carlsbad […]

Grandparents Info on Safely Installing Child/Baby seats in your car

Tweet 1.  I like the Britax car seat in this picture. One of the scariest things for me in the beginning was the first time I had to drive my grandchild in my car. The following site has some great info on how to properly install car seats  for various ages But the best […]

November 1 Update on Cameron Remmer Still Missing in SFO

Tweet Our family was crushed with last night’s call from the ER Dr. in San Francisco that it was not Cameron Remmer afterall. My husband talked with the missing persons SFO police division and was told that Detective Carroll went to the hospital this morning to confirm that it was not Cameron. Last night I […]

Cameron Remmer Still lost-Person found Dr. Confirmed Misidentified

Tweet Halloween and we went to my daughters and all the kids were happy because Cameron had been found. (Cameron Remmer, Bipolar missing since Oct. 6th in SFO). The neighbors came over with their kids and it seemed that we were so relieved. I let my neighbors know after much crying that I had done […]

THANK YOU SFO–Cameron Remmer, My Son has been found!

Tweet Cameron Remmer was spotted by someone who saw one of the posters in San Francisco and is now getting medical treatment. Our family wishes to thank all of the people who put up Cameron’s posters  this past Saturday because of that he was found this morning by a report from someone that had seen […]