Christian’s Story-A Family’s Triumph over Alcholol As SeenThrough the Eyes of a Child

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Chrisitan's Story About How He Helped His Father Stop Drinking

After 16 years working for the School District in San Diego I dealt with Child Abuse and even taught for Mira Costa College-Parent Effectiveness Training for some parents that were court ordered to attend. Some of the most difficult cases were the children and parents that had to deal with an abusive parent due to alcohol abuse. I hope this book can help many of you as it is written through the eyes of a child and the effects his father’s drinking had on their family and how that family was able to triumph.

Why won’t Daddy stop drinking?

Triumph over alcohol seen through the eyes of a child

Interventions didn’t work. The first two stints in rehab didn’t work. Not even jail time could convince Christie L. Appel’s son to stop drinking.

And who was most effected? His children and her grand children. Appel tells the story of what lead  her son to sobriety through the eyes of her grandson in her new book, Chrisitan’s Story (go to ) to see the book and learn more.

This was an emotional journey and Christie discovered there isn’t much assistance for children of addicts. That was true during my 16 years working with families of alcoholics.

Christie wants this book to help the smallest victims of addiction.  “When Keith started struggling with alcoholism it became a family problem, but we didn’t have the tools to make sense of it all.” Appel continues, “It became clear that I was a co-dependent and an enabler. As a family. we all had to do our part.”

The Appel family wants Chrisitan’s story to bring faith and encouragement to children who have been affected by alcoholism. Their story has a happy ending and shows that miracles can happen.

“Addiction has been a generational problem with my family and it became time to draw a line in the sand, ” Appel says. “It was a devastating time in all of our lives, but we are recovering one day at a time.”

Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the alcoholic, but the entire family. Christian’s story lets children know it’s not their fault and there is hope.

Christian’s Story: Our Family’s Triumph Over Alcohol

By Christie L. Appel

32 pages

Paperback 11 x 8.5 retail price $19.99

ISBN: 978467877213

Available at Amazon at the url at the top of this article or

About the author:

Christie Appel is practising RN, CLNC at Yampa Valley Medical Associates in Steamboat Springs, CO. She was raised in Steamboat Streams and continues to live there with  her husband, Larry. Christie has a real passion for her family. She is truly blessed to be writing this story with a happy ending. By sharing her story, she tries to provide faith, hope and encouragement to all who read it.


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We had my 1st book signing at my church this past weekend. It was amazing how many people came forward with their own stories of family-related alcoholic stories.

Written By Christie L. Appel on March 6th, 2012 @ 4:41 am

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