Classics 4 Kids 2pm Sunday – March 24 in Balboa Theatre

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The Classics Philharmonic Orchestra of San Diego


Classics 4 Kids will be staging a performance at 2pm Sunday, March 24 in Balboa Theatre at 868 Fourth Avenue in downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter with fees around $15 to $20.

Exposure to classical music may sound to an adult as something a child may not want to attend but consider the joy the team performers add with dancing and puppets along side the orchestra.

Each month focus’s on various composers and this weekend’s focus is Aaron Copeland and “The American Sound”.

March24th Features the works of Aaron Copeland-"The American Sound"

Be sure to bring water to moisten your grandchild’s pipes as they are encouraged to sing along to the music. Trust me I am a horrible singer but music is one of my loves and I can only hope by exposing to children to music at a young age they will love classical music too.

After the show you can meet with members of the Classics Philharmonic Orchestra and get the kids prepped to ask questions about the instruments and the difficulty to learn to use them. Inspire and encourage the questions like, “What is an Oboe?”

Family Concert Day

For additional information (about their Schools Concert series)  go to and order your tickets on line. Or for additional questions call 619-231-2311.

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