Congratulations you are a new Grandparent–top ten tips to know

This post was written by Valerie on October 2, 2011
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Holding your first Grandchild

Congratulations you are now a member of the New Grandparents club. For some of you (and my friends) you thought this day might never come.

All of a sudden you can’t believe how wonderful and small your newborn is and now you are holding them in your arms for the first time and can’t stop smiling/crying or figuring out who he/she looks like. They open their eyes and seem to knowingly stare into yours and you are sure this is the smartest baby ever. Of course your grandchild is the smartest and cutest.

Here are some tips to help you transition into Grandparent accepted to Grandparent non-gratis.First do not go to the hospital if you are sick and have not had your DPT shot when visiting a new born. Adults need to have a booster shot and DPT (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus) is active and has taken multiple lives of infants in San Diego.

  1. Get the DPT vacination. Drug stores give the shots for about $27. and you should have this shot a few months before the due date and check with your doctor first.
  2. Keep hand sanitzers with you and when you do go into the hospital room be sure to first wash your hands with soap and water for as long as it takes to sing a version of “Happy Birthday To You” before going near the baby. (It is hard to wait to see the baby just so close for the first time.) I made  everyone wear a mask  for a month when visiting us when I had my first child (40 years ago).
  3. Do not start giving advice to your son or daughter-in-law about anything unless they ask you If they choose to breast feed their baby and you are against  breastfeeding now is not the time for anything other than supportive words. I am telling you this for your own continued good relationship with two people that just had a baby and all the hormones and lack of sleep are kicking in.
  4. As small as this 7lb or more baby is if your arms begin to shake and you can’t believe you don’t have the strength to hold this precious child…pass the baby back.To digress my husband and I attended a wedding that one of my children was part of the groom/bridesmaids and asked me to hold the baby. She was only a couple of weeks old. I kept staring at her and amazed by her when suddenly my arms started to quiver. at the 20 minute mark.  I worked a job where I could type 12 hours daily with few stops in between. I was shocked by my lack of strength. I passed her to my husband. To solve  my arm strength issues we adopted a small dog that was in the 20lb range and I practised picking up and carrying the dog most everywhere.   A bit extreme for most people but weight training would work wonders without the need for a dog. We keep the dogs away from the kids but now my arms can hold 3 x’s the weight.
  5. When asked to babysit make sure you have the phone numbers of where they are going (in case they don’t hear their cell phone), the name and number of the pediatritian (they need to give the doctor a note signed by them giving you permission to authorize treatment-plus a copy for you to carry with you). Even better is to meet their pediatrician if it is all right with them for you to go to one of the visits.
  6. Before the parents leave for their date be sure to have them leave get instructions on how to use the car seat. When I was watching two of my grandchildren and number three had just been born and I had to get the kids to their Preschool no later than 9AM (20 minutes from their house) I could not get the car seat locked in place. I had promised my daughter that I would not have them miss their Preschool. I struggled and struggled with only the one car seat. I was really tempted to tie it in a knot and go but that would have been too dangerous. Finally I got the stubborn seat belt to lock in correctly and we were on our way. Later when I told them about the difficulty with getting the lock in place on the one car seat they  mentioned that they had forgotten to show me the “trick” to getting that seat locked.  Got the kids there right at 9AM with sweat rolling down my face and pulling all their snacks and papers together and even had to put their shoes on for the second time that morning but we made it.
  7. Get stroller instructions. There are so many great strollers now but there is always some trick on how to get them opened or the wheels unlocked or even how to fold them back to get them in the car.
  8. Always ask to have written instructions about feeding, foods, bottles (eating/drinking times) and nap times. The instructions should also include any “rituals” for naps and going to bed at night. My daughter uses the sound machine: See picture below for a sample  of a sound machine for newborns and either the heartbeat or the white noise works best and play it rather loud. This keeps out all the other noises (TV’s, vacuums) and the babies sleep longer and seem much more rested.
  9. Nap when the kids nap. This is needed to have energy to go to the park and play or any activity requiring stamina.
  10. Stick to the parents wishes–no exceptions when it comes to their children they do know best.

My first exposure was when the kids were older but still around 2 and 3 they would not go to sleep without this and their special “Blankets”. I bought one for my home and use it to help me sleep it works wonders. Only when I have the ocean sound on I keep dreaming of being on a boat. My husband tolerates the “birdies” so our compromise works for both of us. And when the kids spend the night it is here for their use.

There are a lot more lessons and learning’s and please send me yours but the final one for this article is listen to your kids wishes about what they would like from you when babysitting their child. If it is no sugar then no sugar.  Get the sugar from your kisses and enjoy that baby because you know as well as I how fast that time goes.



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Great tips! Thanks for sharing… and for listening 🙂

Written By Chelsea on October 3rd, 2011 @ 4:50 am

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