Coping with Loss/Frustration/Bad Bosses/No Job..Should I go on??

This post was written by Valerie on April 11, 2012
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Across America there is so much good/bad and ugly out there. So many people hearing unemployment numbers are going down (yeah-because people ran out of unemployment and still no job) as well as today’s news showing five days in a row of stocks in the US going down as gas and water prices are going up.

Earthquake in Indonesia 8.6 and people scrambling to high ground in case another tsunami might hit (it didn’t yet). Homes wiped out by the wildfires in New Jersey/Pennsylvania with many homes destroyed. Tornadoes hitting harder and earlier.

Election year is always hard because all we hear are bad things from all sides. Health Care Bill with the Supreme Court. Government and private enterprise hit with overspending and scandalous allegations.

Race issues because of a young man walking home with his bag of candy. Insanity from all directions from all over the world.

Do we do things differently? Never. Do we make changes? Yes….but who guides those changes?

If you have been off work for a while and have been applying for job after job and you are older than the other applicants..did  you get that job? How did you do get employed if you are a senior citizen? Please tell me your secret so I can share it with others.

You have a job but now the conditions are harder as the hours are longer and you may be doing the job of two people and your boss is pushing you to do more and/or trying to make you so frustrated so he can get you to quit to meet his quota of cutting labor costs to meet the numbers of his new budget.

You are dealing with a cancer that is a certain death sentence. I have lost several friends in the past year to pancreatic/breast/prostate cancers.

You or your family have a missing person like mine does. (My son Cameron William Remmer, 29 missing from SFO Fairmont Hotel since Oct. 6th, 2011).

What are some key coping skills to get you through this ulcer making world?

  • Deepak Chopra (who teaches at La Costa Hotel in Carlsbad) spoke on Dr. Oz’s and recommended the following. Sit with your bare feet touching the floor/earth/sand…close your eyes and don’t try to keep out your thoughts just let them flow for a bit as you breath in and out say a mantra (I just use Ohm… x 2) focusing on your breathing. Then see yourself in a memory that was a happy one for you whatever age you were then and let that memory bring you joy…feel it. Think about what is causing you stress and if it is a person or diastor imagine love and warmth filling you with each breath. Just 3 minutes daily.
  • Exercise. Walking, swimming. I love swimming because it supports me mentally and phsyically. I am weightless. I float. My mind floats with it.
  • Stop doing the things that give you a temporary high like over eating or overusing your credit card for shopping. Control the things that you can control.
  • Know that situations will change and if you can’t change with them you might want to be more flexible. But if it causes you pain and without years of trying to understand why you react the way you do..move on.
  • You are one person and just knowing that others out there and they are dealing with similar things reach out to them and learn how they are coping. Adopt an open mind and allow yourself to share with Facebook/Twitter…are all about  sharing and learning.
  • Draw–on a napkin/scrap of newspaper or in a journal..Draw what comes to mind. Draw outcomes. Create. Think. Feel.
  • Walk on the grass and if no grass walk barefoot and stop and look up at the clouds or the rain or the sunny day.
  • Know that you can survive. Get what you need to make your  journey work for you. Gain the tools to help you deal with tragedy and learn how to laugh..not just chuckle but deep belly laughing where you fall off the sofa and hit the floor.
  • Learn how to cry. Let it out. Then comfort yourself with the positives you carry with you whether you know it or not. Find those things and write them down. Examples-I made it through a bad divorce/with no job-I found a job and kept myself together even though it was not easy.

See beauty where you can and seek friends and share with each other and don’t forget to hug and tell them what they have meant to you in your life. Love all the people that help you see there is so much good in others.  I know my words are shallow to some but others have helped me so much with their caring and reaching out. Help heal your self and hope that more change will come as it is part of life both the bad and the terrible. Look for small miracles like the couple this week that saved a dolphin. Or a movie about a chimp adopted by a male chimp and share in their triumph. Share that triumph with your family and kids and grandkids and love them–love them–love them!

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Oh so true and I loved it.

Written By davie on April 11th, 2012 @ 9:30 pm

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