Cutting Up Our Rose Garden-Jr. Seau 1-19-69 to 5-2-12

This post was written by Valerie on May 3, 2012
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Jr. Seau

You don’t have to be a San Diegan or from Oceanside to know how much we lost yesterday, May 2nd, 2012 when Jr. Seau decided to end his life. I watched him play football for Oceanside High he was one year ahead of my oldest son. It was such an honor for all of us when Jr. Seau turned pro and especially when he played for the Chargers. He was the smiling one that helped his opponent up on his feet after number 55 took him down. He was magical.

There are a lot of kids that were helped by Jr. Not just because of his involvement with the many programs he sponsored but because he was our brother, our uncle, our son, our Dad and we swelled with pride when he accomplished his goals both on the football field and off.

We as San Diegans owe him and his family and his children so much it is hard debt to repay.

Just a week before Mother’s Day he for what ever reason could not continue on in this world. My heart and all hearts here saw the pain his mother had to get through yesterday and she still took the chance to thank everyone. I wept and then I sobbed. I want to hold his mother and his family tight in my arms and give them all the strength I can to help them through this tragedy.

I felt like I just lost the best part of North County-the kind of person I so much admired because of his great kindness, his energy and his greatness that he accepted modestly. He kept to his roots. He tended that rose garden so each child in this community filled with at risk kids could blossom and become all they can be. So what does his death say to them now? Just overwhelming sadness. A drive to right this wrong and grow and learn that with success can come difficulties so hard to accept that you need to ask for help. So all of you that have been helped by Jr. don’t let your “roses” get cut down because that would be letting down not only Jr. but his family.

No one teaches a successful athlete how to accept leaving the field, the Super Bowl Rings, the admiration-retiring. It is something we need to change. No one sees the difficulty that retiring from something you love so much but have to give up because of your age or health. How do we deal with that other than now knowing that money, fame can lead to a multitude of difficulties.

We need more gardeners of our youth out there to honor Jr.’s memory and continue his work and help these kids accept the grief and loss of Jr. Seau. We need transitioner’s to work with retiring athletes–other athletes that moved into and forward after leaving the spot they loved.

So I challenge all athletes to help other athletes and at risk kids to move forward continue the work that stopped yesterday. Support his family and his friends cope with this loss and help yourself by talking to others and we will never solve the why but we can help with the “how” to move past this and help each other.

We can’t have him back, Jr. is gone. We can keep his memory alive for his parents, his siblings and his children and never, never forget who he was and not what he did May 2nd.


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