Decorating with Grandchildren in Mind-How to Spark the Creative Gene

This post was written by Valerie on March 6, 2012
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Keeping Grand kids Laughing and Creative

I just love to hear my grandchildren laugh and reach out for life. When my children were younger I would drag them (literally most times) to the Art Museum in Balboa Park. Go to to learn more about the current exhibits like:

March 10th, Saturday,  9:00 a.m. James S. Copley Auditorium-Spring 2012 Educator’s Art Fair.
Participating educator at the 2010 Educators’ Art Fair creating stencil design.

Educators are invited to learn new art projects inspired by non-western art forms currently on view at the Museum and to network with colleagues at the annual Educators’ Art Fair. This program is designed especially for K–12 teachers with little or no art training and will provide lesson plan ideas centered on art from Southern Asia, Southeast Africa, and the South Pacific Islands.  Participate in four, 50-minute workshops/artist demonstrations, learn a variety of art-making techniques, and receive a helpful How-To Guide. A continental breakfast will be served.

Tickets must be purchased prior to the event day, and early ticket purchase is recommended. Questions? Email us.

Doors open at 8:30 a.m.

Please note that Ticketmaster does charge a service fee for online ticket purchases. Tickets may be purchased without service fees at the Museum’s admission desk or box office.

$15.00 pre-registration fee

Let your children know to spread the word to  your grand children’s teachers. Art is being cut from most schools and with upcoming layoffs (22 teachers in Carlsbad plus closing of two schools for example) less teachers will be the norm. This is a  event above at a low cost and will help inspire teachers to pass on what they learn from this great program.

Additionally I think it is important in your home when the grand kids come to visit to expose them to art/drawings and family photos at their level. Here are some examples in my home:

Art at Kid level

The kids love to see the pictures as they walk around the house. Note I use earthquake wax to hold the

pottery to the floor and so the kids can’t break them. The especially love to see their own pictures around our home.


Kids photos hung just at a eye level for the Grand kids

     Photos and photo books are also within easy grasp in racks near the  hanging photos. The kids stay busy looking throught their photo books and love seeing their cousins photos since two cousins live in Colorado.
Next to excite kids about art have magic markers, paints and brushes and lots of paper for an out door drawing session if weather permits. I cover the kids with “Tuxedo” Tee shirts I bought on line for cheap and with 9 grand kids they also double as “bibs” during dinners and then their new outfits look great after painting or meals are done.
I know my style of low hanging photos is not for everyone but the kids really do love them and again even the pictures are double stuck with earthquake wax to keep the photos from being pulled from the walls.
As a former Art teacher for grades K-12 I know how much more creative kids become and as they can transfer creative thinking into new markets in the future. One name-Steve Jobs. Super creative people can change the world. And you can make a big difference in helping your Grandchildren be creative adults and change the world for the better.

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