Disneyland Education Series K-12 California-Youth Education Series for Groups of 15 or More

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Just Mentioning Disneyland Brings Smiles
Just mentioning Disneyland brings smiles to my grand daughter but I just learned there is a lot more to
do with your grandchildren like the Disneyland California Youth Education program.
Disneyland California has many training experiences for grades K-12 such as music, theatre but did you ever think they would have classes in the Sciences?  For groups of 15+ for California  you can have your grand children learn about the history of the frontier or???
Ask about a variety of other programs being offered by Youth Education Series at Disneyland California (also 4 in Disney California Adventure) and experiences (not called classes because it is an interactive experience outside in the park) and classes are taught grade specific-3rd -6th for example.They meet all the requirements for California Education field trips per the State Department of Education.

Children also get to go on various attractions that is specific to their experience. Disney Animation Magic includes a ride of Terror for 6th grade and up or Monster’s Inc for 5th grade and below and fast path lane.

Energy and Waves for Disney California Adventure for 6th to 12 go on the ride California Screaming, the show “It’s tough to be a bug” and the ride Hollywood Tower of Terror. But ask for updates when you sign up your group.

The one day park pass will include any ride in the park which is $71. per person and full use of park after the experience has ended.

Experience only ticket cost is $34. per person-meet outside park and includes attractions with the program and then escorted out of the park once the experience is complete.

Some Experiences are:


Disney’s World of Physics: Energy & Waves

Students examine and gain an understanding on how the energy of light and sound come together to create unique experiences within the Disney Park attractions. Students will also examine important historical figures and how they have impacted events throughout history. (Grades 3–5, 2½ hours)

Or Arts and Humanities

Disney’s Animation Magic

Students get a look at Disney animation while learning the artistic and technical sides of the process. This knowledge is then applied when they get the opportunity to explore their creativity while planning and designing their very own storyboard. (Grades 3–5, 3 hours)California, Here I Come at Disney California Adventure™ Park -and see Caifornia the Golden State! Throughout this journey students explore the people, events, hopes and dreams that have shaped California. Through up close examples and exercises they will study the four regions of California, Native Americans, the Gold Rush and California Missions. (grades 3-5 for three hours)

If you have a group that performs you can actually work with the park to have them perform at Disneyland, Ca. Prices depends on the program like “the Disney Performing Arts” can go to the park to perform with  approval of the Park of your audition material and costumes of the groups and can perform one day one park program is $71. per person plus two free Director tickets and then one free chaperone pass for every ten performers .

Educational pricing are between 2 1/2 to 3 hours ask about the many programs you can do one day one park for $66. per person once you have 15 students.

Contact Info:

Visit DisneyYES.com, call 866-319-9457 or contact a youth travel planner for more information.Like us on Facebook to stay connected and get useful tips and tools for your classroom throughout the year — Facebook.com/DisneyEducation

Go to the websites below for more information. Since School budgets in California are eliminating a number of courses like theatre/music and art programs here is a way to educate children and expose them to new people, new jobs and education they will be missing going forward.



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