Dog Goes Crazy

This post was written by Valerie on April 14, 2013
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I always thought I wanted to adopt a pug. They are so cute. Instead we adopted two Shitzu’s and I believe whole heartedly in fate.

I was coming out of a store when a mother and her two daughters just yelled for help in catching their pug. Now how hard could that be? They seem so cute and yet this pug looked me straight in the eye and challenged me to stop him.

He took off through a very large and busy parking lot. I told the mother to get ahead of the dog and her daughters and I would try to catch him as he circled back.

He did not circle back. Cars were coming. The mother and I were stopping cars. The dog just missed getting hit by a white van. They stopped their car.

The pug-Bruiser kept running. He was the fasted little bugger. There was a fire engine with a driver in the seat parked along the parking lot facing the wrong direction. He had the full view of us in our pursuit of Bruiser but he never tried to help.

Another car coming from another direction was halted as that race horse dog took off and missed another car from hitting him. Cars now in both directions stopping traffic while still in the parking lot but looming in the now closer horizon was El Camino Real where cars are racing very fast.

Now others left their cars and joined in the chase and we managed to chase the dog to his owner and she was behind another car. We could all here her screaming she got him. I asked her if she had a firm grip on him and she came from behind the car with a very strong grip on Bruiser

By now we had a lot of people smiling that the dog was saved. I went up to Bruiser and said, “Bad Bruiser!”. I asked the mother if they had just gotten the dog and she said no they have had him for two years. She also added he just loves running away.

I told her she need to get him some training. The next day I attended a meeting of an organization named “Good Ole Gals” and met Shannon Schaefer, CBS Obedience-Problem and Doggie tech.


I only wish I had her info the day before to give to Bruiser’s “mom”. Just in case you have a “dog gone wild” go to and check out Shannon’s website.

I was really impressed with Shannon who in my mind is the right kind of dog whisperers Bruiser could really use.


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