Downsizing-Senior Citizen’s on the Move/Oklahoma Shock

This post was written by Valerie on May 26, 2013
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My Grandparents

Aside from conversations about our latest health issues I have spoken to so many Grandparents that are now realizing that our children don’t want our “stuff”.  You have or will one day have to help your parents (mine are now passed) to go from a home full of wonderful collections and furniture and approx. 3000 sq. ft. to a 600 sq. ft. room. Trust me it is no picnik.

When my Grandparents passed they had a small home with a great collection of crystal and Chinese figurines and pottery. I loved it all. I loved the Mc Coy colorful pottery dishes, the carved Chinese table, chair and smaller table that my Grandmother had a Navy Ship Captain bring back from China before it was closed for trade.

I inherited many of these items when my Mother passed. My husband inherited his parent’s collections and so our home is overflowing with our collections.

I remember when the fires hit San Diego and when they were contained and we were able to get back into our home my daughter called. She said, “Well are you sad?”  I wasn’t sure what she meant until she elaborated that she meant it would be easier if our house burned down (said jokingly).  It is true our kids really don’t want all that stuff family inherited or not.

When the time comes that we go I know I don’t want to leave my children with a huge mess. My kids will laugh at reading this as my collections continue to grow.

I have met so many Grandparents who are also feeling guilt pangs for keeping and collecting so much stuff that will be a difficult amount of work for the remaining family members to deal with.

I remember George Carlin (now passed comedian) who had a great “Stuff” joke. How people had to get away from their “stuff” to go on vacation yet had to bring some “stuff” with them. Then they had the new stuff they bought on the trip and had to leave that “stuff” to take a side trip on their adventure.

For me it really isn’t the stuff. It is like a huge art project perfected and stroked throughout my life with all the changes in tastes and collections that hold meaning for me. I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff.

Right now I am thinking of the people in Oklahoma that have lost everything.

Lost everything.

My heart and prayers are with them all. My sadness for the loss of life is devastating to all Americans. We continue to suffer through the many challenges nature has thrown in our path this past year. Floods/fire/tornadoes/earthquakes and it is a global phenomenon. No nation is immune to disasters.

Stuff is just a pile of things but the true treasure lost is the memories and pictures of family that will be missed. As we age our memory is just not able to remember the little things like the pottery mug your then  five-year old child made for you. Holding that pottery hand print is like touching the past in a way you can’t with your mind but your heart can. Your heart can feel the things that meant the most and I bet that would be the things touched by your family. Yet family is what holds us together in the hardest of times and holds our hands and share the stories of the memories so we don’t feel that loss. We feel glad for the family that held our hand through the hardest of times.

And the stuff is just things blowing in the wind that fill the sails of our determination to rebuild and stay strong.



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