Downsizing/Thrift Store Shopping and Consignment Options-Signs of the Current Economy

This post was written by Valerie on June 26, 2012
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Cosignment Classics in Encinitas Open Daily (Sun-10am to 6pm)

I first thought that running into friends at Thrift stores and Consignment stores were just rare occurrences but now that I am addicted to shopping for deals I have found a certain Zen/Meditative event to walk down aisle after aisle of people’s almost new or slightly used treasures where you can find just about anything. Forget Home Depot or TJ Maxx why not go to where real bargains are to be had for pennies on the dollar. It is becoming an addictive habit of even the wealthier individuals driving up in their shiny high end cares to drop off art work or sculptures of like brand new patio furniture. Watch out Target because you can get just about anything except food.

My favorite places to find bargains is Consignment Classics in Encinitas (they also have a store in San Diego) and it is located at El Camino Real and Encinitas Blvd. in Encinitas where you can also find the 99 cent store (a lot of the same people go there too).

You can find high end couture for pennies like Italian men’s loafers that normally sell in Italy for 400+ dollars for $35. in almost new condition.

It is like a party where you keep running into the same people that you can now call friends. Friends as long as you are hunting for the same things.

It is a frenzy of middle class and upper class Americans and Europeans feeling the pinch of the economy and still be able to have their shopping fix without too much guilt. After all it is a bargain! It is a like magic. I knew I was hooked when I had my routine of having to stop there daily just to find a new treasure for under $20.

There is also the Hospice store on Encinitas Blvd further North on the west side of the street where Home Goods and Sees Candies resides. Some of their prices have gone up a bit but you can still find great bargains and the donation goes to a good cause. Check out comments from other shoppers at

Another fun thing is to drop off the junk you want to get rid of at the back door and either make money down the road or just donate to make room for finer things that you can find if you do a daily search.

The best thing are the people that both work in these stores or that visit them daily. They smile they strike up conversations and discuss the great find they just discovered or just missed when someone else bought it before they could.

All in all it is a sign of the times reminiscent of the days when I grew up poor in National City and was given a 35 cent allowance where every Saturday I could go to the five and dime and buy my treasured toy to take home (usually a porcelain doll with movable legs and arms made in Japan and stood about 3 inches tall).

In some of the stores there are musical instruments and you can hear incredible piano playing by some of the customers that are professional pianists.

You can also drop of clean good condition clothing, jewelry, shoes, purses and for furniture/dishes/Zebra pelt/Oriental Statues 7 days a week from 11am to 4pm and will have to arrange to haul your items or can get references from haulers from the store. For more information go to

Maybe it is trying to get back to the simpler days when the world economy was coherent and sipping iced tea from your back yard hammock was the way to pass the summer days. Or finding Tinker Toys like you played with when you were a kid and wanting to share those toys with your grand kids.

I can only say it is not only fun it is a ritual and I always leave with a smile on my face even if I didn’t find something to buy that day.

I feel richer when I leave there, I walk taller and I always have a smile that carries me through the remainder of the bombardment of the daily news.

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