Emergency Trip to Care For the Twins-What not to do

This post was written by Valerie on January 6, 2012
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The Twins

When your children have a medical emergency and you are called to come over ASAP here is what might help you so you don’t experience the comedy of errors I did.

I got the call to come over right away and relieve the babysitter and that my daughter’s surgery did not go well and they are moving her to the Hospital instead of the in and out care. She will be staying overnight and her husband is staying with her. I grab my medicine, some clothes, a jacket and my pj’s (toothbrush) no makeup and arrived.

I called her husband when I was at the house (good move on my part). One for me. Now that the babies are older things have changed only I don’t know if they are on formula or milk (non-fat or regular). I opted for the non-fat milk. Wrong. Remove one point. Later I learned that at one year they need fat in their milk and are no longer on formula.

The older kids were wisked away by the other grandparents to their home. My husband took care of himself and the dogs. My husband was pretty sick.

I looked for food to feed the babies but I think they had planned to grocery shop on the way home from the in and out clinic.  So I toasted wheat bread/washed off the blueberries and that was gone in about a minute. I found some fruit bars and they each ate one. Of course I am slicing everything into the smallest bites possible. The twins take a swig of milk and both take turns looking me straight in the eye then throwing their leaking cups to the floor and laugh and clap. I run for paper towels and grab an apple to slice as they are now both crying (I did not yet play the “retrieve the cups” game).

They were still hungry. I decide on a two more slices of toast and more fruit bars. I retrieve the milk and the game begins again. Drop the cup/clean up spilt milk/hand cup back/baby takes a swig and throws it down again.

Note the paper towels are clear on the other side of the kitchen. If I was smarter I would have moved them right next to the mess makers but I only just thought of that now. I keep trying to clean up the floor while retrieving the dripping milk when finally the all full sign was signaled by a loud noise and throwing the remainder of the food with a swishing hand/arm sweep.

The first twin I tackle by unleashing her after wiping her face and hands and shake her up and down gently to remove the sticky food. I gave up and removed the pants and put her down on the floor when she grabbed for my leg with a death grip and a loud cry. Now I am trying to clean up the second twin and I give up on the floor and take her and scoop up the other one and go to the sink. The sink is pretty large but only for one baby at a time.

I forgot to get the towels and the jammies and diapers. So I grab each twin and we go up the stairs to find their jammies.

Turns out the drier has been broken for several days and no repair man will come until tomorrow. So I grab what I can that will keep them warm and then head back down to the sink. I warmed the water and stripped baby one and gently put her into the water as she screamed I quickly washed her/grabbed the towel got her dressed and diapered and put her down. I remove the clutched fingers now pinching my leg through my pants on the other twin and she already is crying as she heard her sister. Ok so we got that all done and everyone is back to being happy. We play and chase each other and then the girls get tired.

The house was really cold so I dressed them really warm with the remaining clean clothes. I turned on the sound machine and of course they both pooped. I have to keep their bedroom door shut or they will fall down a flight of stairs and they are pretty happy playing with their toys while I take turns changing them. I open the lid of the diaper pail which is one of those sausage makers and of course the lid refused to close.

Any way I get both babies in their cribs and sing them my horrible version of  “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and they lovingly look up and smile and go to sleep.

When the twins woke up it was around 5am. I already had my coffee ready to go as soon as I could get up and had their cups of milk ready and breakfast for them. I went up and changed them and brought them down in the same clothes.

It was so cold that I looked across near the door and mistook the Security alarm for a heater and hit on. I double blinked and realized what I had just done and kept trying to hit cancel. Which having the same alarm system at home I know you have to plug in the number code but I could not think. The alarm goes off. The babies scream. I try to find my cell phone and then try to read the extremely small print where a big phone number should be.

I dial my son in law and he gives me the number but I know it’s too late but at least the alarm sound is off and the girls stop screaming and go back to eating and throwing their milk cups on the floor. I find my glasses and call the Alarm people and convince the lady at the alarm company to please cancel the police and no I don’t know the secret word. She believes me and cancels the police. Minus 20 points for the alarm mistake but regain 10 points for talking her out of the police visit.

They had a baby sitter already scheduled for the next day for a while so after feeding the twins I left and went directly to the store to stock up on food and snacks. I showered and then returned. Yeah the repair man came and fixed the drier.

I spent several hours washing all of the twins and the other three kids clothes. I folded them and put them where I could reach and find them. By the evening time my son in law thought that they might have to stay another night (it was New Year’s Eve) and I was able to get a quick visit in with my daughter because I was really worried about her and she was so pale and hurting.

I thought I would try and clean up my daughter’s room and wash their bedding (not knowing she had already washed them three days before and had her water (special water cup) and jammies (which happened to be an exact copy of the pj’s I was wearing).  The drier was now not heating the clothes and it took several attempts over hours to get a load dry.

I was able to make her bed but was still missing the special silk pillow cover and the long pillow cover she needed to protect her from her husband’s legs and arms swinging in the night–although I think he was so tired he never moved once his head hit the pillow.

Now the call they are coming home and it is now around 11pm. I wash and refill the water pitcher and bring up a clean glass with a straw to have by her bed. I turn down the covers and so she will just have to slip into bed with fresh sheets and water.

Mistake that wipes out all points in my favor–I have been sleeping on the couch. I hear the rattle at the door and in my pj’s (that look exactly like hers-which she later told me she had laid out ready for her to get into and could only think about how much she wanted to get in her favorite pj’s and have her water in her special cup and her silk pillow cover and her long pillow…..the door opens. “Are you wearing my PJ’s????”

So never-never (you might even call ahead to be sure) bring matching pj’s to an emergency stay. I felt we were reenacting the three bears and Goldilocks when she got to her room she was upset about her special cup of water and where is her pillow cover and she could not find her pj’s even though I was not wearing hres. And the drier was still not co-operating and they all were still wet in the drier-pj’s, pink silk pillow cover and the long pillow cover.

Note that my daughter was in so much pain and she lost so much blood when they had to redo her surgery (3 pints) plus had two code blue’s trying to revive her and they came home before they would have to pay their deductible again on Jan. 1 so they made it home on New Year’s Eve.

She and I laughed about the pj’s and the other stuff. I totally get that you have everything done (she was to come home that same day) all waiting for you and all you would have to do was get in your fav pj’s and slip into bed. But three days went by and well let’s just say I got all my good points back.


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