End of State Street Carlsbad-Antiques and Gardens…with secrets

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The street entrance to the Gardens..blast!!

Thirteen years ago well known Carlsbad residents and Antique dealers Cindi and Tom Vigne maintained their back yard garden with a variety of kitsch items and great buys on plants at their store at 3708 State Street, Carlsbad. Although Cindi and Tom will continue to manage the Antique shop pictured here, Rebecca Parker, accomplished artist (degree from Cal State Fullerton) and nursery woman is taking over the gardens.

Vigne Antiques on State Street Carlsbad

A well kept secret locals keep is Vigne Antiques and the nursery in back of the store.

Rebecca is a talented artist in multi mediums including tile tables, acrylic painting and super creative with her fairy gardens. Rebecca not only studied art for 8 years she also learned horticulture working for famed Nursery where she was written and followed by San Diego Home and Gardens, LA Times and various other news papers and magazines.

Watch for future articles about the classes Rebecca will be offering at the gardens such as how to make a Fairy Garden Class for Grandparents and their grandchildren, painting classes, custom painted aprons and shopping bags as well as putting together a succulent mini garden.

Let the pictures do the talking so here you go…and it truly is a blast from the past and even your grandsons will enjoy the surf board collections.

Rebecca Parker tending to her plants

One of Rebecca's tile tables


Some of the succulents for sale









The secrets in the garden are creations made by Rebecca but they sell so fast we don’t have one to show you but they are so cute for children especially to place little benches and miniature ceramics amoung the plants in a small minature landscape.

The Surfboard collection









No telling how old these boards are but they are awesome and unexpected but so relevant to a nursery located just blocks from Carlsbad beaches. The nursery is open Monday-Saturday from 11am to 5pm and if you have any question call 760-729-7081.

Cindi Vigne who originally started the nursery

Fountain Planter



Cactus sculpture one of many flea market finds

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