Entertain your Grandkids with Movies you can Afford

This post was written by Valerie on January 31, 2012
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Roku HD Streaming Video

If you are on a tight income or even if you aren’t taking your Grand kids to movies can be pretty costly especially if you have more than one or two Grand children. Buying kids movies is another expensive cost–I checked out a local Target which has a pretty good selection and price variety for Children’s movies. Unfortunately my Grand kids tend to want the movies like “Tangled” which costs about $19.99.

A lot of you have Netflix which just raised their rates to order movies mailed to your home but they do offer for $8. plus a month streaming video.

Cable also offers a number of kids films depending on what type of service you have. If you have invested in a Wii game or MP3 player you can take advantage of the streaming video from Netflix or Amazon or Hulu and several other companies.

I learned about the least expensive way to get streaming video from a small box with remote called Roku. It costs around $70. for HD.

With my $8. Netflix streaming video and our new Roku (it connects directly into the back of most newer TV’s) I can pull up a lot of different videos for the kids to watch.

So when my 3 year old Grand-daughter spent the night we watched “Tangled”. She picked the movie and we had lots of fun and laughs.

I also learned that the cable in our area offers Pay-per-view but I can switch to Roku and see how much cheaper I can rent the same movie from Amazon. My cable company wanted $6.99 for 24 hours to watch a pay-per-view movie that was only $3.99 on Amazon to rent for the same amount of time.

Hope this helps. It has really helped us and the kids prefer to be at “Grammy and Grampy’s” house and we can stay up a little later because we don’t have to drive home from the theatre.

To learn more about Roku you can call your local Radio Shack and asked them or even call your local cable company service department and they can talk you through it.

Happy Movie Watching and with the money you saved you can afford the popcorn!


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