Foster A Lonely Pet for the Holidays

This post was written by Valerie on December 21, 2011
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Bailey was left on the streets as a puppy--Now he is happy with us!

Foster a lonely pet for the Holidays is something you can help with if you have been thinking about getting a pet or wanting to help out crowded shelters. is sponsoring this event for the third straight year.

Two local San Diego organizations that are helping with this project is Holly’s Garden Rescue (they specialize in small breed dogs like Shih Tzu (our favorite-we adopted two), Maltese and Llaso apso’s as well as other small breeds.

You can call Holly’s Garden Rescue at 858-274-2940 or go to or Guardian Angel’s Rescue (specalizes in cats) at 619-921-5320 or

Some of these pets have special needs and will need just a little extra loving and care but you can help bring them out of their shell and help get them adopted. The hope is that the foster family will care for these pets until someone adopts them. The average age of foster and adoption parents with Holly’s Garden is 30 to 60. They will let you know if the dogs are better alone or are great with kids.




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