Funny Bunnies

This post was written by Valerie on April 2, 2012
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After a morning of Drawing Bunnies

      The day had a bright blue warm sky and lots of talk about bunnies. I asked my grand-sons what they would like to do and they said draw or paint. So I got my yard sale art supplies out and set up paper on their plastic outside table. Out came the crayons and the mad dash for the same color–pink. Where is the pink? So with both kids happy with the alternative red they started drawing.

Sometimes when I look at their drawings it is like the clouds we watched early that morning. The clouds looked like a dragon one said and the other said no a unicorn. Soon the ocean breeze erased all the clouds and the boys got very serious with their circles and scribbles.
The youngest one made a lot of huge Z’s and I thought?? Tell me about your picture? It’s a bunny.
Awe yes I knew that.
“Look at mine Grammy,” said the older one. He asked, “What do you think it is?” Since  his thoughts on the clouds earlier I guessed–  a unicorn? “No, Grammy it’s a bunny,” he said ruffled. So I asked him to show me the ears. Yes those two triangles do look like ears. The circle looks like a belly and the dots are the eyes.
His painting had a Picasso-esq feel to it as the triangles, circle and dots were in various places on the paper seemingly unconnected.
More colors came out and details and laughter and then it was just time to stop.
There Mom came later and showed them how to draw a bunny with one number 12 a top another number 12 and connected it in a way that made a very convincing bunny. The boys gave it another try.
Last night I watched 60 Minutes and they had a segment about the wild amount of money people pay for art. They showed a gallery with a plastic toilet seat pasted to a canvas. There were bananas coming out of an old VW Bus. There was big splotches of color on large canvases. There was even one artist that painted herself on the cover of every magazine and the gallery was full and people that were spending not just thousands of dollars but millions in some cases.
I love art. I see art in the strangest things and similar to a cartoon where the old woman paints without her glasses because it makes her art more abstract I can say I have done the same in some of my paintings.
Maybe Mom was wrong about me giving up art studies ( I kept doing art anyway) but in an economy like ours in 2011-2012 paying that much money on art is just funny bunnies.

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