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This post was written by Valerie on April 28, 2012
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Running to Home Plate


I woke up this morning thinking all I had to do was take my Grandson to his ball game and then go home. A simple trip to the mail box I encounter three of my woman neighbors talking. One of the neighbors was thinking of getting rid of a lot of stuff and needed to clean out the house which was once her mothers. So I mailed my letter and rejoined the women and offered to help with her clean up. Her husband told her no garage sale just get rid of stuff. She seemed overwhelmed so two of us offered to help her. That was around 10am and we moved furniture, packed up boxes, rehung pictures and in short got six rooms completely redecorated and cleaned and it turned out really well. Note that I did ask her if she was ok with every change we made and she seemed to love it.  Her husband was not too happy though. But I asked what time it was and it was 3:36pm and I had to get home to pick up my grandson to take him to his T-ball game.

When I got to his house the sitter was there to watch three of the girls and my daughter and my oldest grand daughter went to see Totem in Del Mar and her husband was working late. We could not find his belt that goes with his baseball pants but they seemed tight enough and well with three of us looking we just could not find it. I got to their house early because I plan for mishaps. Not theirs as much as mine. My grand son pointed to two heavy bags of snacks and drinks I was to take also. So we loaded up the car and left for the Ball Fields-which there are several.

When we arrived at the Field I had the game on my calendar as on Field 2 but clear across the other side we saw one red-shirted kid practising with his Dad and we headed over there and joined them. My grandson got some extra batting practice which was good because last week when I missed his game because I was watching his twin sisters (one was sick) he came home and said he had a problem with batting and something was wrong because he could not hit the ball. Then he said to me, “Why weren’t you at my game?” I reminded him of his sick sister and he said oh.

So I brought my tablet to read more  of my book while he and the other boy were practising when three kids ran by saying, “Bees! Bees! Bees are coming!” and they ran off. I am allergic to bees. It was close to game time and still no other players had shown up and the father and I thought maybe they did not show because of the bees. We then looked across to the other field and saw the whole team warming up. So we went the long way around to avoid the bees and when we got there (me carrying my heavy purse and two bags of Gatorade and snacks and him carrying a wagon full of balls/bats and a big blanket) .

Once I got there I was told to set the snacks and drinks down under the table because tonight was “Pot Luck Night” and that one of the Grandmother’s would take those snacks to Sunday’s game because my grand son was not able to play on Sunday. So we survived the bees, got him to his game on time at the right field and I had the snacks/drinks for after the game but no one mentioned pot luck (my daughter thought it was too much to ask of me so she figured they’d be ok with it and they were). They all said did you not see the email? No I said I did not even check my email today because my whole day got overtaken by my neighbor’s house. But I said I did bring the drinks and snacks. Then the team Mom asked if the Smith’s were there? She looked at me and asked me if my last name was Smith and I said no and the other grandmother that knows me said she is here for her daughter. So she then asked me by my daughter’s last name and I acknowledged that would be me. She asked if I was able to take her five Padre tickets to my daughter and I said sure and put them in my purse.

I had no intention of forgetting to get those tickets to my daughter but just in case they kindly reminded me to make sure I give them to her.

Now normally at almost every game my grandson has his family of 6 watching him (he makes 7) and my husband, Grampy and my daughter’s father, BobBob and his sister, Char and me watching him play baseball. Today it was just me.

Almost everyone on his team hit the ball and got on base or made a home run or got to home plate in the first round of batters. I was worried about him because like he told me he just could not hit the ball but to my surprise every time he got up to bat he hit the ball. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parents kept showing up with more food and  my friend and fellow grandmother offered to take the snacks to Sunday’s game and kept reminding myself about the tickets. I ended up having to pass out the Gatorade to the kids because the grown ups and family members drank most of the drinks before the game ended.

I heard the coach while they were in the dug out yelling to the boys to all clap for my grand son and I wondered why. He ran up to me and said, “Grammy I got the game ball!! This is the most awesomest day for me!”. I said to him that I was sure lucky to be here to see him bat like he did and that he won the game ball. We hugged and kissed and then he wanted food. He is my best eater!! There was pizza, and pigs ‘n blankets and cupcakes and cookies and the Gatorade I handed out. So  the game I missed the week before all worked out afterall because I got to be there with him on this most special of days. Now you just can’t beat that!

The Game Ball




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WHAT A GAME!! Go Gavin! Awesome game, awesome parents/grandparents/awesome food–what better way
to spend Friday night??

Written By Denny Cope on April 28th, 2012 @ 1:51 pm

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