Gluten, Dairy, Soy Free Tips-What Grandparents need to Know

This post was written by Valerie on September 30, 2011
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Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Egg free substitutes that are yummy

I found out at the age of 62 finally that I had Celiac disease after years of having a bad stomach and doctors telling me I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrom) and I would just have to live with it. Well weekly bouts of diarrhea while trying to work was not cutting it. I was exhausted all of the time and spent weekends resting and thinking I was just “overworked”. Finally my cardiologist recommended a doctor that helped her and I was so happy to know what was wrong with me. Celiac is an autoimmune disease and is caused from diet containg glutens and for me dairy, eggs and soy. I shared the info with my children and my one granddaughter was diagnosed also with Celiac. At least she won’t need to spend her life feeling sick. Read more.

My two grandsons already were on a gluten free diet. Luckily for me my daughter-in-law and my son could help me with foods that I could eat. At first it was hard to not have bread and where to dine but slowly (and many books later) I have been able to eat and get well. It took me two years to be free of the effects of the Celiac disease.

Earth Balance Soy Free "butter", Tapioca Bread, Rice Milk, Veganaise, Bob's Red Mill Cereal

Hopefully these tips can help you gain a greater understanding of the key things you can do to keep your grandchildren healthy and gluten free by doing the following:

  • Read the labels. Watch words that may not show up under ingredients but say –made in a factory that also processes wheat
  • Use separate utensils when preparing gluten free meals as well as cutting boards/utensils/mixing bowels and tools (cross contamination has to be avoided-trust me I learned the hard way
  • Have a separate section in the freezer, fridge and cupboard for “their food” and mark them if necessary
  • Do not think you “Can have it just this time”—no…this disease works on the internal organs and causes long term damage so no exceptions
  • When taking them to parties make sure they have a special gluten free cupcake and if you can Rice Milk “ice cream” and treats that are gluten/dairy free

As for my grandsons I could eat what they eat sans eggs. While babysitting for them in their home I was unclear what food was for them (sometimes it might have said Gluten free-but would have Casein which they can’t have). So now my Grandson let’s me know if I grabbed the wrong food but I read the labels anyway. Also, they have their own freezer and fridge and cupboard sections and that made it easier. And after two years I am starting to see Gluten Free sections at Ralph’s and Albertson’s. However just because it says Gluten free be sure to check for dairy/soy in the ingredients. Mother’s has an awesome macaroni and cheese (made with no dairy or glutens). So there are dairy free cheese options.

Fast food or San Diego restaurants that offer gluten, dairy, egg and soy free are PF Chang’s (be sure to say no soy), most Mexican food chains offer corn tortillas with beans and meatless tacos in corn tortillas, Pizza Port and Oggi’s sell gluten free pizza (no cheese) and as I discover more I will send you updates.

More on this topic soon.


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