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This post was written by Valerie on June 7, 2012
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The New Show "Love in the Wild"

After a difficult day (just living month to month) boomers everywhere for the most part are struggling with holding on to their homes and have food for their family.  So that being said to turn on the TV plop down and watch shows like all the reality shows got me thinking.

This idea has been brewing for a while so when we caught the “Love in the Wild” unveiling sold me 100% to write about this. So your life is full of enough stress and their seems to be three things most of us fear to hear or see  or eat  or physically scary so when two men and one women teams had to drop into a well full of hissing snapping fangs to dig into a sand pit to pull up a shell that was the final straw for us.

My husband looked at me and said if I was on that show and had to do that task I would run all the way to the airport. So here is my idea for a new sitcom called, “Hell no get me the S___ out of Here!” So I thought you could use my husband on every show like for example survivor when they have to eat tarantulas– “Hell no…..” off he runs. On the Bachelorette when they had to climb up a cliff–“Hell no…” off he runs.

You get the idea but the things that qualify for this show within a reality show is endless. Just imagine Jersey Shore and as a baby boomer having to hang out with them. Or what about the Chef that yells his head off making you cry–“Hell no…” and slap a pie in his face. There is ‘The Amazing Race” where there our countless dangerous things that would make most of us leave the set. Of course, “Survivor” has more than just eating bugs you sleep on the ground with rats/bats and snakes and tons of insect eating critters…and the constant freezing rain.

America’s Got Talent -our main character could be asked to assist one of the performers–the blindfolded, nervouse knife thrower.

Having to dance with Max to get thrown over his head or have one of the women in high heels tap dance around your floor prone body…”Hell, no…but maybe” said my husband in which I said, “Hell no…..get me the S—- out of here”.


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