Grandparents Day – 4 Different Grades in 6 Minutes

This post was written by Valerie on February 22, 2014
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Grandparents Day is a tradition at my grandchildren’s school. In the past we just had one Grandchild in the school and one classroom to visit after the performances where each grade K-6 sings and reads the “winning” Grandparents essay to the room.

Now we have my son’s first grader attending the school for the first time. It was my first wish to visit his classroom especially since their move down to North County from Orange County. My son, his wife and her mother and my son’s father attended along with my husband, myself and my daughter’s father and his wife. So there is no shortage of Grandparents.

I thought I was super prepared by going to the office when I first arrived early (for a change) and wrote down the classroom numbers not knowing I would really need a map or guide to even find the classrooms. Of course the Kindergarten rooms are the easiest to find but not any of the other classrooms.

Songs were sung and one really hit home, “Stand By Me”. No truer words were ever spoken. I met my husband at the school and sat with my son, my other grandson and my daughter-in-law and her mother. The older grades sing first. I knew to watch for the combined classes 4th with 5th and 2nd with third. The Grandparents are not released until after all classes have sung and then you are to go to the children’s class room where you are introduced and usually asked a question to address all the students. The problem is that there are only 15 minutes to get to all the classes for our kindergartener, first grader, second grader and fourth grader.

All things meant to go smoothly until my youngest grandson got sick and my daughter-in-law had to take him home quickly. She left her mother telling my son to give her a ride home but at that time she was not sitting with us and did not get the message.

My son’s First Grader asked his Grandma how old she was the day before and she jokingly said, “100” at which point he started crying because he thought she would die soon being that old. Add further salt to the wound when she went to the class room with my son’s father my Grandson was asked to talk about his grandparents. (We were nowhere to be found because my daughter helped us find the other classrooms with just minutes to spare to make it across the large campus). So the teacher asked our First grader to talk about his Grandmother and his “Poppa” my son’s father,  he told the class that she was 77 and his Grandfather was “much” younger.

Meantime my oldest Granddaughter that is in fourth grade that attends the school had her two sets of the four sets of grandparents they have on my daughter’s side. We are Grammy and Grampy and they are Bob Bob and Nana. We trailed our daughter to our other Grandson’s class where Bob Bob told the my Grandson jokingly that my husband “could not read” so to let the teacher know not to give him a question. When the teacher started to offer the basket to draw a question my Grandson kindly in a soft voice repeated that his Grampy can’t read. When Bob Bob got the question it was about what he most looked forward to doing when he was grown up to which he responded, “Getting out of School”. The teacher was shocked and the kids laughed and she again asked him and he said that was it. Then she turned to me and asked me and I said a nurse and was a Health Tech for the schools as a ‘nurse’. Then we all excused ourselves to make it to the next class.

Our young granddaughter thought we weren’t coming and when she saw us she ran to her Grampy and hugged him. He had flowers that my daughter-in-law brought for me and my young student thought they were for her. So there we go again but we all stood by each other.

At this point the school was about to end and we still had not visited my First Grader and new student to the school only to retrace our tracks to run into his teacher with the kids all lined up to go home but my son and Grandson had already left. I was heart-broken.

I called my son thinking he had taken his mother-in-law back to her car to tell my Grandson how we had tried but missed his class visit.

That night I called my daughter-in-law’s Mother only to find out my son left her but luckily Poppa gave her a ride back.

So it was a bit of a calamity but looking back it was too funny. We called and joked with Bob Bob about the “Grampy can’t read” comment and he offered to call our Grandson to explain it was a joke.

So in the end our confusing group of Grandparents all did stand by each other and had a great laugh about the 77-year-old Grandma and my non-reading husband.

IMG_0717 IMG_0715IMG_0711  grandparentstella grandparentstelgram grandparentslila grandparentsgwg grandparentsgavin grandparentsdaylila2 grandparentsday grandkids2012

Above picture of my nine grandchildren at Bob Bob’s. My other two granddaughters go to school in Colorado.

Next year we will have 5 kids classroom’s to visit. Only this time we will have a map!!!

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