Grandparents Info on Safely Installing Child/Baby seats in your car

This post was written by Valerie on November 10, 2011
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1.  I like the Britax car seat in this picture.

One of the scariest things for me in the beginning was the first time I had to drive my grandchild in my car. The following site has some great info on how to properly install car seats  for various ages

But the best advice I got was from my son on how to properly install a temporary car seat in my car for short drives.

He uses the Britax seats for his 3 and 4 year olds. Always install according to the directions that comes with the seat if they vary from the following:

  1.   Placed the car seat in the back seats (always) facing forward for toddlers and backward for infants.
  2. When borrowing your children’s cars seats for your Grandchild it is already set for them as far as the straps go.
  3. So then you need to pull the seat belt in the car all the way out as far as it can go.
  4. Then run the seat (keep one hand at the base so the belt does not go back into the hold and run it throught the back (should be behind the seat a place to insert the belt so it is actually threaded through that section.
  5. Connect the belt then into the corresponding “female” section in the car and make sure you hear it click but still not letting go of the whole belt at its base.
  6. Then release the car seat belt until it locks. You should hear it click in and when you try to pull on the car seat belt it should not move.
  7. Check the car seat to make sure it feels secure and does not move around. If it does repeat steps 4-6 until the seat is steady.
  8. Next place the child in the seat and put each arm in the strap (this is a connecting strap which I wait to connnect until I click the two sides in the connection  marked red between the child’s legs. Make sure each side clicks in.
  9. Then connect the top potion that should ride high up armpit level to the child.
  10. If another toddler seat do not put them next to each other but one child by each door.

Now the rules before I even start the car and after hitting the kid locks for the doors and windows. If you have 2 year old and up they need to have a review of your rules when you drive. My rules include no fighting, or screaming and for them not to distract me so I can drive them safely. It does work most of the time. It is most important for me not to get distracted by 20 questions, “I dropped my toy/water…” and I remind them I am driving. If you have to ignore the screaming and focus on the drive. I try to make sure they have water/toys/snack  but that is up to you.

I also want to warn Grandparents that you are a target for thieves if you have a toddler and are going back to your car. I lock my purse in the trunk along with the stroller holding my one or two Grandkids hands and then I put my grandchild in their car seat. Get in my car quickly and hit the locks and start the car and get moving. Unfortunately at various shopping centers in San Diego like Fashion Valley, Carlsbad Mall, UTC or even the Rite Aide or grocery stores there have been an increase in robberies. Take caution to protect you and your Grandchildren.

And I always call my children when I have arrived at our destination and again when I am back home.

Stay safe and many Fire Departments in San Diego have helped show Grandparents also how to properly install a car seat if you don’t have someone to show you how.




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