Grandparents – Peace Corp?? 50 + age for Volunteers Needed

This post was written by Valerie on January 27, 2012
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Smiles for Peace Corp Volunteers

Recently the San Diego Union ran an article about an event at the Encinitas Library where three former Peace Corp Volunteers talked to a crowded house about their adventures as “Senior Peace Corp Volunteers” (ages 50 and up). Currently about 650 of the 9,095 volunteers are over 50 and the oldest volunteer currently is 84.

For those of us seniors that may no longer afford to own our homes or have already lost them and can’t find jobs the Peace Corp sounds pretty awesome-travel to a foreign country and make a difference in other’s lives.

I formerly was married to a Peace Corp volunteer who was sent to Ecuador and on return like many of the returning volunteers taught out at the Escondido Peace Corp Training Facility for those assigned to Spanish speaking countries. There they learned to speak the language, understand or have knowledge of the culture and of culture shock. Some volunteers I helped train to teach art and weaving designs did not complete their tour .

The Escondido camp was closed in 1970. Peace Corp Training changed as well and so did the requirements which can take up to a year to complete the enrollment process which includes medical checkups/education and qualifications. Once you are accepted you have a three month training period and then sent to your country for a two year service.

Not to dissuade anyone from their adventure please watch at least a couple of seasons of “Survivor” to get an understanding of the bugs/diseases/lack of drinking water and various facilities. Also watch the part when after about being on the island for 30 some days they sob a phone call from home. I know I don’t think I could go two years without seeing my children (I still like them all) and I would especially miss my grand children (I really like them). I experienced mild culture shock during a short visit to Peru. People running up and touching me ( I have blond hair) and then wanting me to kiss their kids (runny nose and sores). Awkward but sweet.

And that is what the Peace Corp is to me today awkward but sweet and don’t forget the recent withdrawals of Peace Corps volunteers from Honduras and Guatemala and the list seems to be growing. These volunteers were in country but were told to leave for their own safety by the US Government.

Taking all that into consideration if you are willing give it a shot. To find out more about the Peace Corp go to .

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Helping others is pretty awesome.




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