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This post was written by Valerie on January 27, 2012
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My ebay listing--a Learning Experience

I have been collecting a lot of old Mexican Pottery and to make me feel less guilty about my spending habits I promised that I was buying these things to sell when I needed money, couldn’t find a job or retired. I have been shopping on eBay for a while now and it is time to sell.

I am currently learning by trying to sell the stroller above. I tried the “simple” sale form and I am going to tell you first off this is not the best way to go. People want more pictures/more info and for the life of me I am still struggling with the calculation of shipping. I will do an update to this article once I learn to add in the right fixture to calculate for me. If any of you know how please send me the info.

Ebay is not easy. There are training “Help” sections but I need a “Chat Room” and so far have not found that or a number to call for help.

Here is what I have learned. At least know the dimensions and weight of the item if it is large like the stroller jogger I am picturing above. I think it weighs about 100 lbs with the box and the conversion kit (two additional boxes) and of course I have to insure it or you can have the buyer insure it. I learned that simple do a “Buy it Now” and keep the price reasonable but this is a $700. stroller brand new and works great/folds up and zips up to keep the kids dry either walking them or pulling them on your bike.

Also I got a lot of people asking for more pictures which I found no way to add especially around the last two hours of bidding.

I learned that using a starting bid price only works on the more complicated features form where you can set your reserve if you list it as an auction item. A reserve price is the rock bottom amount you will accept to sell your item. Be sure your description is 100% accurate.

I tried selling the following item only to be told by a Roseville “expert” that my Grandmother’s vase was a Chinese fake even with the Roseville stamp on the bottom:

The Chinese Version of Roseville

The Chinese version signed just the same as an original

Who knew? I immediately removed the item which was another learning experience altogether. So I advise before you post to research what you are selling and understand that the wording in your description needs to be as honest as it can be. I , however, did not know how to spot a Chinese version of Roseville nor will I but I did take my remaining items to someone who did and they were confirmed as genuine.
Another pitfall of selling is that you Paypal holds your money for 21 days sometimes. So money does not go directly into your PayPal account and then to your bank account. Also do not ship items unless you have sent the invoice to the buyer and they in turn show they made a deposit into your account. I do know that I am happier shipping small pieces of jewelry than a large box. So when you go to decide on what you want to sell and don’t have too much money to start with get the biggest bang for your buck. Check out similar items and compare the prices and conditions to your items. I know many people have started small on eBay and made it into a full time job.
So far I am not there yet. Hope this helps and send me your tips if you dare.

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