Help for Bipolar Adults-Still looking for Cameron After Oct 29/2011

This post was written by Valerie on October 31, 2011
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Cameron with his nephew-Bring Cam home

My children and their spouses, his father, multiple volunteers  and news media showed up last Saturday, yesterday, to find my son. I watched some of my Grandchildren so that my family could help post his picture and info and look for him at Occupy San Francisco, the parks where many homeless sleep and all the soup kitchens and covered a large area of San Francisco. Some said they had spotted Cameron but in fact it was his brother Chris who has spent the last two weekends endlessly searching for Cameron. We are discouraged and yet still hope he will be found alive and be back with his family. My family.

For those of you who do not know much about Bipolar disease it like Autism has a spectrum of various levels of this illness. Go to the following site for more info on this illness http:// . Cameron Remmer, 29 was diagnosed with being Bipolar approximately two years ago. The treatment is to take medication that produces a chemical his body does not produce. And for all the people I have talked to about this illness the patients tend to not want to take the medication or eventually stop taking their medication. It takes a while for ones system to adjust to  the effects and the chemical most effective for most cases is Lithium. Lithium can cause shaking of the hands and causes one to slow down. From what I know of this mental illness it can take a while  to get the dosage correct and also for your system to accept it and thus minimize a lot of the side effects.  Cameron felt that medical marijuana worked best for him. Many of the family thought he was taking his Lithiumm and knew that in 99% of Bipolar patients they go off their meds and then will suffer another manic episode. Cameron per discussions with the Missing Person’s Detective showed signs of manic behaviour. The family is hoping we find him because of multiple risks including severe depression.
The family wanted to have our plan in place when we found Cameron and in making calls to lots of Bay area hospitals and clinics I was referred to La Selva  (650-543-0135) which is part of Stanford’s mental Health facility. I spoke to a Psychaitrist from La Selva, who was very nice and very helpful. Our family wanted to have our recovery plan for Cameron should he need treatment. If you have a family member that is Bipolar when you call that in to the police for assistance it is called a 5150 which let’s the officers know they are dealing with a mentally ill person.

The doctor said that if possible Cameron gets picked up on a 5150 he should go to El Camino Hospital in Mountain View at 2500 Grant Road, MV, CA 94040  at 650-940-7000 and tell them  Le Selva (part of Stanfords medical team and located across the street from Stanford) recommended us to call. They have the best team to handle both psychiatric and substance abuse (marijuana). Also they can hold an adult for 72 hours at which time he would be evaluated and if he could be then placed in a longer term facility she said to get him to Bonita Health in Berkeley
which is excellent and is located at 6333 Telegraph Ave/Ste 102 Oakland, Ca 94609-1328 510-923-1099. She highly recommends both as being the best in the Bay area to treat someone like Cameron who is Bipolar off regular meds and self medicating with an illegal substance like medical marijuana.

A doctor from La Selva is usually  that both facilities call for placement assessments  with their Dr.s recommendations (El Camino and from Bonita) and she or her associate would be the person doing the evaluation for the moves.
Also Bonita is good because it helps with substance abuse like marijuana and people who are bipolar. Per the doctor Marijuana accentuates a Bipolar’s paranoia, increases fluxuations in moods, and can help manifest a manic state which can be extra dangerous. She recommends a dual program to get him off the Marijuana and work with his Bipolar issues.

She also said that because the patient  is an adult and due to HIPPA Law you can not directly speak to that adults treating physician but  that if you have info on him you can leave it with the Dr. or their receptionist. The Dr. may not call you back but he will go over the info with the issues of taking the medication and go over the issues of self medicating.

Please continue in searching for Cameron and thank you to all of the volunteers that have been helping us since Cameron went missing approx. October 6th.

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