How Grandparents Can Help their Grandchildren’s School

This post was written by Valerie on January 29, 2012
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Helping at my Grand daughter's Pre-School

Calling all Grandparents–if you don’t have the money to vote for more money to help our Grand children’s schools here are some ways you can help. If you do have the money vote to help fund education.

I am busy looking for a job along with helping out family and friends and constantly sending out my resume but one thing I need to do more of is make time for my Grand children’s school.

Even working Grandparents can make a big difference. Do you have craft supplies-paints/brushes/water colors/paste/paper/magazines? The class rooms need supplies especially for art and music so even instruments kids can use to play music. If you can take some time to attend your child’s class talk to the teacher about how you might be able to help.

Most of the teachers I feel should be played the same as professional ball players. Just my opinion. Having worked in the school system for 16+ years I know how hard the teachers work and now I know they use their own money for supplies.

My daughter volunteers for a day to help the kids do art projects. The teachers may come up with the project or you can propose a project that the kids might like and is age appropriate.

If there are any of you out there that love garage sales and flea markets look for paints/brushes/pens/paper/paper clips/staplers anything you see that would be helpful to use in the class room.

Due to the economy the schools are being hit hard. Class sizes are larger and many classes are bi-lingual and no longer have paid classroom assistants. Our children are suffering because the children that need extra help aren’t able to get it with the current cuts to education.

The biggest investment is your time. Attend the Grandparents Day and if your Grand child asks to have you come to their school to share–go. Read a story and share some personal experiences that relate to the story. What you have accomplished comes back to you ten fold. You get to meet your Grand child’s friends. Kids that see you helpingĀ  out means that you feel that school is important.

I worked at a school that was mostly Spanish speaking and I was able to convince the parents that we needed their help on field trips and help with the children in the class that want to learn Spanish and help the children that are just learning to speak and write in English.

Don’t be shy. Yes when you go and sit on the floor (I need help getting up sometimes) and sitting in the little chairs can bring you back to the days where you feel like a child again–but then that isn’t such a bad thing is it?

Even one visit to help in the classroom helped the kids remember me and made my Grand children feel special–because they are.


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