How My Daughter Continues to Inspire Me

This post was written by Valerie on December 29, 2011
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My daughter just gave birth to twins at 38 last year in the above photo and they join her daughters 7 and 3, and son 5.

I am 64 and we live within a few short miles of each other. My daughter writes a blog called which is an awesome blog for mothers that not only have families to care for but also are involved in outside activities; while still managing a romantic relationship with their partner. Chelsea Gladden inspired me to finally start my own blog and follow my life’s dream of being a writer.
My blog is .
Chelsea has shown me how to be a better Grandparent in addition to encouraging my writing. Her children don’t fight over going to bed. She has set a ritual of a song for each, a small back rub and a sound machine playing in the background. Her children are so much fun and Chelsea working full time on her blog still makes time for the kids.

When I was in High School I always wrote. I later worked for a newspaper and got all of the stories no one else wanted until I had to get a job that paid more money.
As I had my own four children to raise my writing never got much further than a small book of poems and a couple of cook books and the occasional article in the paper.
But due to Chelsea’s enthusiasm and help I have at the age when most of my friends don’t know how to Tweet or use Facebook –I have a blog and a twitter and facebook account.
I actually have a number of readers and twitter followers so no matter how old you are you can realize your dream and my daughter taught me that.
She also told me when she was four years old and life was tough on me as a single mother to just reach further down in that bag (her lunch bag) there is always something good in there for you.
She kept me reaching deeper into that bag and even though my 29 year old son and her brother has been missing since Oct. 6th, 2011 I have my writing to help me and my daughter’s support.
So when life is hard she taught me not to give up but to reach further in my soul and find my voice.

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