How to Make Your Grand Child’s Birthday Special

This post was written by Valerie on May 1, 2012
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How to Make Your Grandchild's Birthday Special

My Grandson just turned 5 and he looks up to one of his cousins who just turned 6 (my other Grandson). When the then soon to be 5 year old attended the 6 year old’s birthday he saw me bring in some Starwars balloons. The balloons have been a big hit and the start of a new birthday tradition. I actually learned this trick from my now 5 year old’s other Grandmother. I  had never thought of adding balloons as part of the gift.

Both of my daughter-in-laws like to pool the money to get that one special gift they know the kids want and that works for me. So they actually let the 5 year old go pick out his gift but he kept on insisting that his Grammy (me) wrap it. Neither my daughter-in-law or I could figure out what was so special about how I wrapped the gift (note-I am terrible at wrapping gifts). My son asked me how I had wrapped the 6 year old’s present and I could not even remember the paper. But just before the birthday party it dawned on me that he wanted balloons like his cousin and even kept the theme of a Starwars party. That must be pretty popular because party day had three birthday parties in this small park and all had a Starwars jumpy and theme.

One of the parties had a pretty cute addition to their party and theme and they had “Luke Skywalker” give training to the birthday kids who all had a brown Luke like costume on. All the kids that were not part of that party watched from a far. That was until another Starwars character showed up-“Darth Vadar”. While all the kids were facing “Luke” and learning their moves, up behind them crept “Darth Vadar”.

Now all the parents are watching from the other two parties and everyone chuckled that when the those kids turn and see “Darth Vadar” they were going to scream. And one poor child did cry when he saw him but all the kids from all over the park descended on “Darth Vadar”.

"Darth Vadar"

Now back to my 5 year old who can’t have gluten (wheat products) so most birthday parties he attends with his brother his mom sends them with gluten free cupcakes she bakes for them. I brought him to my 6 year old’s party and got him a gluten free cupcake from a local bakery.

For his birthday party he wanted a cake not a cupcake cake. So his Mom (who is super talented) made the gluten free cake and no one knew the difference.

The home made gluten free cake! Delicious!

He loved the cake!! And so did all of us that got a piece and since I can’t have gluten I was in cake heaven! After the actual birthday party Grampy and I have  a special birthday night at our house. I drove up Saturday morning and got to watch the now 5 year olds soccer game and then drove him back to our house for his birthday without his brother. He was so cute and so excited. I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere and gave him a few options but he said, “Nope. I just want to stay here and play dominoes.” So that is what we did. We watched a “Mr. Magoo” movie later that night and laughed so loud my husband left the room. The next day we surprised him with a trip to the Encinitas Street Fair and he had a blast there too but still on his mind was to beat me again at dominoes. As soon as we got home the dominoe game continued. He always takes the score home to show his parents-he had 197 and I had 57 (I tried hard to beat him but no luck).

We drove him home to Orange County and my son did a barbecue and we all played “beach ball” soccer. Since I have 9 grandchildren they all have siblings and to make their birthday extra special we have a sleep over with just them because we think each of them are really special and adding more fun to a birthday is something they look forward to now.




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