It Isn’t Everyday You Can Pull Off a Birthday Surprise–Once in a Blue Moon

This post was written by Valerie on September 3, 2012
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The Ruse to Surprise Jane

When a good friend turns ….older it gets harder to surprise them but Jane’s husband E.B. and friends were able to by telling her she was going to get a pedicure and a massage. The house was full and waiting quietly hidden in the kitchen and Jane came into the front door to be met with a group yelling “surprise”! Jane turned to her husband and said,” Did you cancel my massage? Am I not getting a massage?” So she laughed and was greeted by a lot of family and friends on the evening of the September Blue Moon.

Here is Jane when she first walked in:


Jane's Surprise




Jane's husband happy he surprised her!!

Friends and kids (including Jane’s two sons and her brother Mike) all joined in the hugs and laughter! Everyone brought food and drinks and as the golden and blue moon shone over the yard Jane’s candles brightened the night even more. It is so great to know such a great group of people and be able to share a special moment with a very wonderful person like Jane!

Lighting the Candles

The yard was full of kids on trampolines, chickens chasing each other as the two dogs chewed on the rib bones and all around and mixed in were people having a blast and each and everyone of them are so much fun and so full of life! One parting picture of friends goofing off for the camera.

So much fun!!


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